We regret to inform you that Venus retrograde is here to ruin all of your relationships.

As if the last few months haven’t been chaotic enough, the planets are about to swoop in and mess everything up even more.

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has turned thousands of lives upside down, Venus’ retrograde – a time believed to put a strain on our relationships – has just kicked off.

If you’re not up-to-date with the astrology lingo, a planet being in retrograde basically means that it’s moving backwards, which can ultimately lead to some pretty messed up energy shifts.

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“The planets are not literally turning backwards of course, rather they appear to be pulling in force backwards past our planet as the solar system rotates at different speeds and in different orbits,” Lynette Arkadie, an energy consultant and mindfulness mentor, told Mamamia.

Over the years, it’s likely you’ve heard people talking about Mercury retrograde, which has become a means for people to blame every single inconvenience in their lives on an astrological event.

This is because, as astrologists believe, when the planets pull their cosmic forces backwards against earth, it can have an impact on our own personal energies – throwing our lives into disorganised chaos.

Unlike Mercury retrograde, however, Venus retrograde has a slightly different impact on our lives.

While Mercury retrograde has an impact on all forms of communication and even the way we think about things, Venus retrograde is all about our relationships and love lives.

Likewise, while Mercury retrograde happens three times a year, Venus retrograde only happens every 18 months.

This year, it’s taking place from May 13 until June 25.

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How will Venus retrograde impact me?

Writing for Vogue, astrologer Alice Bell explained that Venus retrograde can have a huge impact on our relationships.

“When Venus appears to be moving backwards in its orbit, all of the qualities Venus embodies slow down and get directed inwards,” she explained.

“Venus represents your love life and how you socialise; so, during this retrograde, these areas in your life may become less clear.”

But what does that mean for you?

Well, as Venus retrograde can affect communication within relationships, it’s likely that you may encounter some more tension in your relationship, as jealousy, insecurities, and commitment issues arise.

Speaking of tension, you might also be more likely to see texts or messages appearing from exes during this period. (Yep, no thanks).

It’s not just romantic relationships that can be affected by Venus retrograde. In fact, it’s likely that this time period could affect your friendships as well.

“You may find it difficult to talk about lighter topics with your friends, or you may be easily annoyed by the little things they do,” Bell said.


Thankfully, it’s not all negative.

While Venus retrograde may ultimately lead to the end of some relationships or friendships, it’s a time where it’s likely that new relationships can form as well.

Astrologers agree that it’s also a good time to maintain and mend existing friendships and relationships.

How can I retrograde-proof things?

Previously speaking to Mamamia, Lynette Arkadie of My Energy Mentor shared her tips to beat the astrological funk.

Here are some of the tips she shared:

  • Double check plans – packing, dates, travel plans as well as meeting times and plans.
  • Ensure all language and communication is clear in emails, texts, invitations etc. It can be easy for something to be received the wrong way or go awry.
  • If there is an emotional outburst ​(​yours or someone else’s​), take a moment. Wait to discuss further until everyone can talk calmly and clearly.
  • If making any big decisions, take your time, follow your intuition and be flexible and move with the changes.
  • Expect things to be slower or delays and prepare fully.
  • Slow things down and allow time.
  • Embrace change where possible but also implement change with gentleness, patience and mindfulness – not everyone will react well.
  • Remember that powerful new creation comes out of a certain degree of chaos.

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