Feeling really flat right now? It's about to get worse for the next eight weeks.

Do you believe in the planets?

As in, not just believe that they exist, but believe that the planets and moon affect our moods and energy in the same way they move the tide?

If you answered ‘no’, that’s cool. Also, this story probably isn’t for you.

But for those who are into a bit of astrology, maybe have some crystals, and want to know why the eff you’ve been in a bit of an energy funk lately, let me introduce you to Lynette Arkadie.

Lynette is an energy consultant and mindfulness mentor. She runs an energy mentor program, and it’s her job to help us translate and harness frequencies we may be aware, or unaware of.

Lynette believes that the universe is going through something right now.

“Over the last months it is more than possible that you have been rethinking your life trajectory and the way things have been working,” Lynette told Mamamia.

“Perhaps you have even been considering some big changes in one or more areas. You might even be feeling like something that has worked really well in the past, no longer feels right.”

“Well you, my friend, you are on point with the rest of the universe.”

Lynette isn’t always so focused on the planets, but has good reason to address it right now.

“I don’t normally overly concern about astrology – mainly because I do believe our will and choice predominantly guides our life. But I need to mention, peeps, that what is happening now is possibly one of the most compounded amount of astral working on our planet’s energy in several years.

“You may remember that last month we were pulled internally by the Super new moon. Well, that was just the beginning of a larger extended, astronomical journey.”

Lynette says you might be feeling like you need to push, as she calls it, the ‘Help: what is going on?’ button, so here’s her little heads up:

“Over the last few days we have experienced the energy of full moon in the sign of Capricorn. This big moon begins to pull us through into an eight week astral period of big change…and just like the symbol for Capricorn – the mountain goat – we can climb to heights that will amaze us during this time.”

“There will be new horizons to explore, new opportunities and new visions that drop in to inspire us. A lot may even click in​t​o place​ or finally make sense. We will also be​ equally asked to quickly change as needed and watch for the signs that something isn’t working.”

It’s time to prepare for the journey.

“It’s time to embrace a lack of control, rocky passes and possibly a feeling of needing to move through something mentally, physically or even emotionally, which can feel impossible,” Lynette said.


“Old feelings, energies, fear and emotions that are deeply hidden, need to be resolved for us to keep evolving in our lives.

“The first step – when you have a moment – is to connect with your inner-centre and feel the mountain of strength within you. Breathe. The answers and solutions will always come when you are still. Return to this as many times as required.”

Listen to Lynette explain the moon is impacting your life right now.

A deeper look at what’s happening.

As we came into the end of June we entered an unusually massive ‘retrograde period’. Lynette says this intense energy will help us resolve things that have been reaching a tipping point, and will encourage us to evolve in our thinking.

“This time 5 planets – Jupiter, (luck, wisdom), Saturn, (discipline, fear, karmic challenges) Pluto (transformation, wider connection) , Mars (power, life direction), Neptune (dreams, subconscious and healing) Uranus (change, originality) and Mercury (thoughts, communication, electronics) will all retrograde in relation to earth.

“The planets are not literally turning backwards of course, rather they appear to be pulling in force backwards past our planet as the solar system rotates at different speeds and in different orbits.

“During this time we will also feel the effects of another two super moon new moons, a partial solar eclipse on the 13th July and a total lunar eclipse on the 27th July. This translates into more emotions and old subconscious energy,” Lynette says.

It's not your fault. It's this guy's (and his mates).

What that means.

Lynette says that this collection of planets moving in this way together heralds transformation for us personally, and also as a human collective.

"Traditionally a monarch could pass, financially things can dip before they rise, secrets and shocks could be revealed, truths emerge and new conflicts could begin about old issues.

"This energy asks us to take a deep breath - connect to ourselves and asks us to decide 'what next'. We will need to slow everything down, reflect and review before going forward."

Lynette says it is likely we will go back over many events, old thoughts, feelings, situations, beliefs and decisions to fully resolve them.

We will also come up with new ideas, enhance old ones and open new doors. We may even literally get visits from our past - perhaps something we thought was done or someone you have not seen for a long while.


What to expect.

Because so many forces are pulling on us, Lynette says big emotions are likely.

"Dare I say 'meltdowns or outbursts'? When this energy comes up, here is the plan - stop, breathe and move the feelings through your body. Don’t act on it straight away."

Instead, get moving.

"Exercise. Try yoga, hula hooping, walking, dance, skipping, swimming, screaming into a pillow - whatever - just move it. Then discuss with a confidante or soul buddy - get it out, share it. Have a deep ponder, sit with it and run through the options. Then move some more. Sleep on it. Then act," Lynette says.

"Usually what is emerging or coming up is to be resolved with you personally first. It is part of a bigger picture for you. So acting on changing things externally after you have been through that process, are settled, resolved and clear, is best.

"If you find yourself overthinking - stuck in a problem or in emotion - it means you need to anchor your energy. Getting out in nature, connecting with living things, seeking new ideas and self nurturing will help to get you out of the knot."

We are all just tiny specks so we may as well just relax.

What you can do.

Things can happen out of the blue.

"If a situation or energy unexpectedly comes to meet you and push you into sudden change, steady yourself. Take 24 or even 48 hours if you can."

"Then rise to meet it powerfully and as calmly as possible. It may help to know that something about the big wave of energy is moving you to where you need to go. That somehow change could not occur properly without reaching this place or awareness."

Lynette suggests the following:

Keeping a daily meditation practice. Try just five minutes a day - in the shower, while you are brushing your teeth, before you close your eyes to sleep. Try seeing yourself in a gold dome of protection, feeling a deep inner-centre and breathing into that as much as possible. Call upon a sense of inner guidance to be able to hear, see and feel clearly.

Where you can, take off your shoes. Or, visualise yourself putting your feet on the earth, allowing your energy to sync with the bigger flow - to be part of the huge natural energy circuit and taking advantage of the neutralising effect that grounding your electricity has.

Make a decision that once you know - you know.  You will know how to execute things from the highest space the more you can quieten and still yourself, even when it feels like it is really difficult or painful. Letting go and trusting is part of this process.

The good news.

"At the end of August things will settle and then speed up moving forward as if by a bit of magic. The change will still be following through, but we will have more energy and be wiser to see a way forward, feel renewed and like we can live fully again."

"New ideas, new projects, new connections and powerful new possibilities will follow," Lynette said.


  • Choose the persona of a wise Buddhist monk as your personality of choice for the next nine weeks. Chose to ride the waves and feel the power.
  • Back up all electronic devices and secure electronics.
  • Double check plans - packing, dates, travel plans as well as meeting times and plans.
  • Organise insurance and plan for natural earth shifts (such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic changes).
  • Tend to any outstanding things like that flat tyre or wobbly screw ASAP.
  • Ensure all language and communication is clear in emails, texts, invitations etc. It can be easy for something to be received the wrong way or go awry.
  • If there is an emotional outburst ​(​yours or someone else’s​), take a moment. Wait to discuss further until everyone can talk calmly and clearly.
  • If making any big decisions, take your time, follow your intuition and be flexible and move with the changes.
  • Expect things to be slower or delays and prepare fully.
  • Have back-up plans should weather change suddenly or plans change suddenly. Remain calm. Look for solutions or what’s great about what is happening.
  • Slow things down and allow time.
  • Embrace change where possible but also implement change with gentleness, patience and mindfulness - not everyone will react well.
  • The good of experience is usually only realised at the end of the period, so for now that's the end of August. So focus on a longer game.
  • Prepare for sudden plan changes - go with it. You will end up where you need to be if you let go and flow.
  • Remember that powerful new creation comes out of a certain degree of chaos.

Do you believe in energy or is it all just woowoo to you? Tell us in the comments.