This is what happens when you order the vegetarian option on a flight.

Being vegetarian has definitely become more popular in recent years. In fact, it’s never been easier to find a restaurant with at least two or three vegetarian options on the menu.

But in some places, vegetarians are still missing out when it comes to viable options for a meal.

When it comes to in-flight meal options – airlines often fall short – and the passengers who suffer the most from uninspired airplane food are those with dietary requirements.

Passenger Steve Hogarty experienced this first hand when he ordered the vegetarian option on a recent flight with Colombian airline Avianca.

Steve, a London-based journalist, was served an apple and a pear wrapped in cling wrap, served with a set of plastic cutlery. Classy.


Look, airplane meals are not so substantial or exciting in the first place. But seriously, at least give the guy a salad or something. Maybe some steamed vegetables or even a bread roll.

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Twitter users were just as baffled as Steve was, with some sharing their own experiences of ordering vegetarian options on flights.


One Twitter user revealed that on a recent British Airways flight, the cabin crew ran out of vegetarian options… so he was offered meat instead.

Avianca’s reply to Steve suggests the vegetarian ‘meal’ (if you can even call an apple and a pear a meal) was a mistake. The airline asked Steve him to contact them privately about the issue.

Steve Hogarty is not the first person to complain about boring vegetarian meals on airlines. Earlier this year, a vegetarian passenger was left disappointed after they were given raw sticks of celery, carrot, and capsicum for dinner on an Aegean Airlines flight.