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McDonalds is trialling the 'McVegan' burger. Yes, really.

Friends, we have officially reached peak 2017. Not because designer crocs exist. (Well, that too.) But because the home of the old-fashioned beef burger, McDonald’s, is trialling a vegan burger.

The creation has everything punters have come to know and love from a trusty Maccas burger – lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, tomato sauce and mustard, only topped with a soy-based patty rather than a slab of deliciously fatty meat.


After what we can assume was hundreds of hours of deliberation with the company’s brightest minds, they’ve named it… the ‘McVegan’.


Unfortunately if you’d like to try said burger, it’ll cost you. Not $8.95, but a plane ticket to Finland because that’s the only place it’s available.

Then, you’ll need to take a train to a random town called Tampere, a mere two hour drive from the Finnish capital.

Whether or not this is because Tampere has a particularly high number of vegan residents is yet to be determined.

So if you happen to be somewhere in Scandinavia and fancy yourself a McVegan, hitch a ride on down there and tell us if it’s any good, would you?

For the rest of us… at least we’ve still got hash browns.

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