Dad ordered a 'salad' for his vegan teenager. She didn't get served a salad.

Being vegan has definitely become more mainstream in recent years. Most restaurants list at least one cruelty-free meal their menu, or will at least be willing to hold the haloumi or jettison the jelly.

But in some places, poor vegans still end up getting the raw end of the culinary deal.

British woman Georgina Jarvis found one of those places. The 19-year-old was on holiday in Spain with her family, when they sat down to dinner at a restaurant in Fuengirola, near Malaga on the Costa del Sol.

“A member of staff came out to greet us and my dad asked if they catered for vegans. The man claimed they did,” Georgina’s sister Gabbie told The Mirror.

Salad. Brilliant. One of those, please.

“When it arrived, me and Georgina shared awkward eye contact and I couldn’t help but laugh.”

Here’s why:

It seems the definition of the word 'salad' has changed. Images: twitter

Look, the girl is holidaying on the Costa Sel Sol so our sympathy isn't overly 'substantial'. But dear God, at least whack some dressing on there or something. Maybe an olive or two, even a lettuce leaf.

Gabbie shared the images to twitter, and they have since attracted 55,000 likes and been retweeted 14,000 times.

Do your kids know where lamb chops come from? (Post continues below.)

The question most commenters had was "how much?" The answer: €6-€9.

Please hold while we convert...

That's $9-13! $9-13! For two tomatoes and a third of a raw onion.

Apparently Georgina is accustomed to eating salad veggies, so ate what she was given.

But not before ordering a side of bread.

Without butter, of course.

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