The industries with the biggest gender pay gaps in Australia.

Facebook, Apple and Microsoft have pledged to pay women the same as men in the US. They’re part of 29 new companies that have signed the White House Equal Pay Pledge.

Pinterest, Airbnb and 26 other big names have already signed the document, which aims to reduce the gender wage gap in America.

The corporate giants have paved a way for companies across the world to follow suit. Now, the world just has to do the following.

It’s 2016 and the gender pay gap is almost the same as it was 20 years ago.

In Australia, women working full-time earn an average of $1,352.50 a week compared to the $1,613.60 paid to men. The gender pay gap has changed little since 1995, according to new figures released this month by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. At 16.2%, it’s only a fraction smaller than it was two decades ago when it stood at 16.5%.

Advertisement Australia's gender pay gap since 1995 shows not much has changed. (Image via WGEA. Source: ABS)

The pay gap has narrowed since its record spike in 2014. Top women directors are also being paid more than men, according to new research by executive pay experts Egan Associates. Female managers fare better in male-dominated industries, where they are more likely to get paid closer to their male peers.

Unfortunately though, the good news ends there.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency found that women remain under-represented on company boards and, in fields traditionally dominated by women, male managers can STILL expect to earn considerably more than their female colleagues.

Watch the video to find out which industries are doing the best - and worst - in treading the path to equality.