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The show that will change the way you watch The Bachelor.

You mean, The Bachelor is not utterly authentic and completely unscripted? J’ACCUSE!

It’s the TV show that has everyone talking. And analysing. And judging.

UnReal is a cynical look into the world of reality television dating programs. You know, like the one that rhymes with ‘The Shmachelor’. And the reason people are believing the unflattering world depicted in UnReal, is that the show was created by Sarah Gertrude Shapiro – a woman who was a producer on the US version of The Bachelor for five years. She knows alllll the dirty secrets that go into creating that show, and now she’s using the fictional drama UnReal to spill them. It’s kind of like the reality TV version of The Devil Wears Prada – it may be a ‘fictional’ story, but a curtain is definitely lifted on some uncomfortable truths about a seemingly glamorous industry.

The show centres on a fictional dating show called The Bachelor Everlasting, and follows one of its producers Rachel, as she is pretty much forced to abandon all morals in order to make ‘good TV’.

Rachel and the ‘suitor’ Adam.

Basically, UnReal reveals that all dating shows like this are entirely scripted and pre-planned. The bachelor-eqsue male is told exactly who to pick and when. Who to talk to, and who to ham up the entirely natural and not at all forced (cough) chemistry with.

You can watch a clip from Season 1 of UnReal below (post continues after video).

Video via Lifetime

Through UnReal‘s depiction of dating show ‘Everlasting‘, past Bachelor producer Shapiro reveals that the producers plan EVERYTHING. They purposefully draw attention to the many recurring tropes – the stupidly-hot-bodied blonde, the slightly butch tomboy, the MILF (Ahem…Parmagiana) and the bat-shit-crazy-equals-excellent-ratings one.

The girls are manipulated and set against each other in order to achieve maximum drama levels. They are plied with alcohol and kept up for hours, all in the hopes they’ll crack and do something crazy.

The ‘Crazy Hot Bitch’ – they told her that the ‘suitor’ wanted her to pash him. He didn’t.

But probably the most interesting truthbomb that UnReal creator Shapiro drops in her revealing and fictional-but-not-really take on The Bachelor is that in her experience, often the chosen men involved don’t want to be there, and are only taking part to drum up publicity for their own businesses/careers.

But Bachie Wood wouldn’t do that… Would he?


You can watch ‘UnReal’ on streaming service Stan.

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