Constance Zimmer let us in on a "big spoiler" for UnReal. We're not the slightest bit mad.

At this very moment actress Constance Zimmer has the honour of playing TV’s most captivating character in the form of UnReal’s Quinn King.

In the often dark yet wickedly funny comedy/drama Constance’s Quinn is at the helm of a The Bachelor-type reality dating show called Everlasting. However, if you’ve ever caught a glimpse of this critically acclaimed Stan series, you would alreday know that the premise of this show is anything but a bed of roses.

In the third season of UnReal the story-line has been shaken up by introducing a suitress rather than a suitor in the form of single CEO Serena (Caitlin FitzGerald) and, according to Constance, the show’s new premise is having a strange effect both on and off camera.

During a live recording of Mamamia’s entertainment podcast The Binge at a special Stan event in Sydney Constance told Mamamia Entertainment Editor Laura Brodnik the new male actors on the show were having a slightly awkward time adjusting to the role reversal.

Listen to the full interview with UnReal star Constance Zimmer where talks about what went on behind the scenes of UnReal season three, the evolution of Quinn King and what we can expect from the show’s highly anticipated season four. 

On the flip-side, one new male actor who did have a very positive effect on the world of UnReal is Australian actor Adam Demos, who plays the man-bun wearing suitor August.

In an early episode of season three, Constance’s character shares a steamy sex scene with August and from there their off-screen relationship really began to sky-rocket. So much so that it had a direct roll-on effect to the fate of August’s character in season four.

“That sex scene was the first scene we shot together,” Constance said during the live recording of The Binge. “He was not wearing any clothes and that was a very uncomfortable situation . I told him that I was just as uncomfortable as he was but that we just had to get through this together. I said that the better we are at this, the less times we have to do it.

“He’s now become one of my dear friends and I really treasure him. When we’re up in Vancouver filming the show we’re really isolated and Adam is just so grateful for everything. We just finished filming the fourth season of UnReal and, sorry this is a big spoiler alert, his character does not win season three because we wanted him to come back for season four.” 

In case you’re not across the news, Constance also confirmed that UnReal’s fourth season will showcase Everlasting heading into an all-star round of the show where the most infamous and beloved past contestants are brought back to compete on the reality series once again.

New episodes of season three of UnReal  drop every Tuesday on Stan. Seasons one and two of UnReal are available to stream now in full on Stan.

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