'They essentially named their child Sh*thead': The baby names healthcare workers have heard in 2024.

Welcome to 2024, where naming children is serious business.

Gone are the days of simply giving your newborn a name from the most popular list, handing down a family moniker or simply reusing your name and popping a 'Jr' on the end. Nope, parents are putting deep thought into choosing a unique, strong, once-in-a-generation name and there's a lot of pressure to get it right.

They're even turning to baby name consultants.

But in the pursuit of finding the 'perfect name' to put on the birth certificate, some parents are being judged for going a little too off-piste.

One Australian healthcare worker has come forward to lift the veil on some of the most, er, unique names she and her colleagues have heard around the hospital waiting room. The medico created a TikTok video to share her findings, and we'll let you be the judge of whether or not these names have gone too far.

"One of our favourite things as healthcare workers is to talk about some of the names that we come across, especially for young people," she said. "A few years ago it was making the rounds, ABCDE, just keeping things really easy for the child."

And no, that's not a said like first five letters of the alphabet — this is a name you pronounce Ab-suh-dee. Obviously.

Watch: Aussie healthcare worker reveals wildest children's names in TikTok video. Post continues below.


Video via TikTok/@tassie_lo.

"We also had a young girl that we came across I thought her name was pronounced 'Lea' because it was spelled LE-A," she continued. "You actually pronounce the hyphen as 'dash', so it was pronounced Le-dash-ah."

Le-a. Makes total sense. 

"But just very recently we had a girl come into emergency and the doctor was like, 'How do you think you pronounce this name?'" Lo continued in the video. 

"So, it was C-V-I-I-I-L-Y-N. And I was like, 'Oh, that's easy, I really feel like that would be pronounced 'Civilian'. So he goes out into the waiting room and he's like, 'Civilian, Civilian' — nothing. Then after a little bit, this girl stands up and says, 'That's me and I think that you mean Caitlyn.' So then she proceeded to tell everyone — she was pretty unimpressed — that the 'V-I-I' in her name was actually Roman numerals, so that was an eight. So her name was Caitlyn." 

But... spelled Cviiilyn, which isn't even moderately confusing. 

Probably the most alarming of all was a child she came across with a name that is almost on par with darling little Methamphetamine Rules (come on, you remember...).


"The parents had named this child — I don't even know how they're allowed to register this — it was SHI-THEAD and it was pronounced 'Shuh-theed," she said. 

Yes, on paper, "they had essentially named their child 'Sh*t head'. And they thought it was hysterical while they were explaining it to me."

The original video which was posted at the end of February has already garnered 9.4 million views on TikTok, so it's safe to say people had some things to say about these wild children's names.


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Now, look — having said all that, as a parent, I can't in good faith condone any kind of shaming. And you have to assume these kids' parents were just trying to give their offspring interesting names that would make them stand out in a crowd, and perhaps didn't even think about the implications of others trying to read their names off papers for their entire lives. 

So while reading these names may make you scratch your head or even make you giggle, we've just got to let it be what it is.

Who knows, little Cviiilyn might just be a Nobel Prize winner in 2055.

Feature Image: TikTok/@tassie_lo

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