'We have always done things in sync.' Meet the Melbourne twins who just gave birth together.

Gillianne Gogas and Nicole Patrikakos shared a lot growing up as identical twin sisters in Melbourne, but even they could not have imagined they would give birth to baby boys in the same hospital – just a few hours apart.

"(We were) very close growing up. We have always done everything together, so this is just another example of that," Nicole told 9News.

"We have always sort of done things in sync."

While the twins had the same due date and plenty of time to discuss how close their deliveries might be, they still hadn't considered that the births would defy all the odds and happen on the same day.

"The timing, you just can't plan something like that," 36-year-old old Gillianne told 9News about their deliveries at Epworth Freemasons in East Melbourne.

"So yeah, disbelief, shock, excitement, all of those emotions."

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Baby Alexander, Gillianne's son and third child, arrived on August 22 at 1:20pm, followed five hours later by Nicole's first baby, a boy named William.

In yet another unbelievable coincidence, Nicole told 9News that both babies weighed "exactly the same" – a robust 3.5kg.

"Oh yes, that came as another surprise," Gillianne added with a smile.

The twins shared the same obstetrician, Dr Joseph Sgroi, who said it was very unusual for sisters, let alone twins, to give birth almost in sync.

"You have got two identical twin girls having their babies at the same time," he said.

"We know that they share 100 per cent of their DNA so these two boys, whilst they may be cousins they are actually more akin to brothers in terms of their gene pool."

Both women agree their boys will have "an extra big celebration" for their birthdays each year to celebrate their unique genetic connection to one another.

"Hopefully they will be as close as we are because it really is a special bond that we have," Nicole said.

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Feature Image: 9News.

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