The epic true story behind Netflix's gritty new bodyguard movie, Close.

It’s official: Bodyguards are en vogue. Ever since Sergeant David Budd hit our screens, we’ve been obsessing over the people who put their lives on the line for others.

While we’re desperate for every titbit of information on The Bodyguard season 2, a new film about bodyguards has landed on good old Netflix to satisfy our cravings.

It follows female bodyguard Sam (Noomi Rapace), a counter-terrorist expert looking after a young heiress named Zoe (Sophie Nélisse), and, by the looks of the trailer, it’s an action-packed and explosive thriller.

Watch the trailer for new Netflix film, Close. Post continues after video.

But the true story behind Close is what will really blow your socks off.

Because the film is based on real life human (and hardcore badass), Jacquie Davis.

Known as one of the world’s top bodyguards, Davis has been in warzones, been stabbed, shot at, thrown through a window and has rescued child hostages.

She’s also protected some extremely high-profile clients during her 30-year tenure, including Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, J.K. Rowling, the Beckhams and Nicole Kidman. Oh, and Justin Bieber.

Noomi Rapace as Sam in 'Close'

Now it’s her turn to stand in the spotlight after writer and director Vicky Jewson was so inspired by her incredible story, she created fictional hero Sam after her.

For context, when Jewson and Davis first met, Davis had just finished up an assignment protecting a child who was being pursued by assassins. Jewson was so in awe she based Sam entirely on Davis.

Davis was even present during the filming of Close to make sure all scenes were ‘authentic’ and to get the action sequences just right.

The opening scene is even based on a similar situation that Davis experienced in the Middle East.

"We were being chased by the Pakistan army and wandered into Kashmir. The Kashmiri rebels were firing at the Pakistan army and we got caught in the crossfire," she told the BBC's Business Daily.

Jacquie Davis (R) with the actress playing her, Noomi Rapace (L).

Davis has had an illustrious career, starting off as a police officer in the ‘70s before becoming the UK’s first ever female bodyguard when she was approached by an agency. She completed combat training then later specialised in surveillance and rescue.

Speaking to NMP live about her career, Davis said:

"My job has been fabulous. I've travelled around the world. I've eaten in Michelin star restaurants, as you say, private jets... that part of life is lovely. But, that's a very small part of what you do. There's a lot of stress. You are ultimately responsible for that person's life."

We’re definitely going to add Jacquie Davis to our new (but most likely enduring) obsession with bodyguards.

You can watch Close on Netflix.

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