Swearing on live TV and lots of 'tits': Inside Trinny and Susannah's 20-year friendship.


Last night, Australia watched as a style icon from the 2000s spelled out the ‘c-word’ on national TV.

Trinny Woodall of What Not To Wear fame was talking about her unorthodox friendship with former co-host Susannah Constantine on The Project, when she explained they were still great friends who “call each other very rude words… c-u-*-*”.

Oh, Trinny.

Trinny Woodall on The Project (but it’s not THAT moment, because it was cut from the online video for reasons probably related to broadcasting codes). Post continues below video.

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Realising her mistake, she explained that she meant to leave out a few letters but she just… didn’t.

It was honestly great and got us reminiscing about the days we’d sit down with a cuppa and watch Trinny and Susannah describe women’s clothing as “wretched” and shared advice like this:

trinny and susannah
Image: Twitter/@martha_again.

It was a wild time.

But brutally cutting them down and then restyling women seems to be a solid foundation for friendship, because Trinny and Susannah have been going strong for more than 20 years.

Like all great besties, Trinny and Susannah initially didn't like each other after meeting at a dinner party hosted by Queen Elizabeth II's nephew Viscount Linley.

Trinny thought Susannah was a stuck-up English aristocast and Susannah saw Trinny as "Eurotrash". Even those insults are incredibly 'Trinny and Susannah'.


But eventually they got over their negative first impressions to become close friends and teamed up in 1994 to write Ready to Wear, a weekly style guide for Britain's Daily Telegraph which ran for seven years.

Their friendship almost ended in 2000 after their co-founded fashion advice business Ready2shop.com failed, but they stuck it out and a year later were signed to host BBC style series What Not to Wear.

Trinny and Susannah in 2008. Image: Getty.

It was an instant success thanks to their straight talking, often brutal comments, constant poking and prodding of the contestants and uh, common usage of the word 'tits'.

The pair have described their relationship as 'like a marriage' and said that as total opposites, they balance each other out. At one point they even considered insuring their partnership in case anything ever happened to one of them.

For almost the entirety of the 2000s, Trinny and Susannah were household names we'd watch on TV.

Then, in 2009, the pair quit their ITV show preempting what many thought was an inevitable axing.

They kept up their partnership for a number of international TV specials and fashion tours, including to Australia, and in 2012 launched a range of shapewear.

Trinny and Susannah
Image: Supplied.

They also enjoyed solo projects. Trinny launched a makeup brand Trinny London in 2017, just a month before Susannah's first novel was published.

The mother-of-three's book, titled After The Snow, focused on a 11-year-old girl, Esme, growing up with a mentally ill parent and in 2019, Susannah spoke about her own struggles with anxiety and her mother's bipolar disorder.

"Yes, [I felt lonely], I think that also I felt: 'Who am I to feel like this? I'm so lucky I've got a family, a roof over my head, a husband who loves me and three gorgeous children. What have I got to be anxious about?'" she told Britain's This Morning.

"That almost made it worse, I couldn't find a reason to identify."

A decade after ending their regular TV gig, Trinny and Susannah are still synonymous with, well, each other.



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Which brings us back to that c-bomb on The Project.


It came about after Trinny, who is in Australia for Trinny London events, was asked by hosts Lisa Wilkinson, Tommy Little, Susie Youssef and Peter van Onselen about Susannah, and if they were still friends.

"I speak to her once every 10 days. She's writing a second book," Trinny replied.

Asked if they still grab each other by the "boobs" (¯\_(ツ)_/¯) she said "No..." and that's when the whoopsie happened.

"But we call each other very rude words. I mean, I'll text her and go 'How are you c-u-*-*?'"

Friendship goals.