Remember Trinny from Trinny and Susannah? You need her Instagram account in your life.


Trinny Woodall (one half of Trinny and Susannah) has an Instagram account and it’s exactly what you need in your life right now.

It’s the complete opposite of every other fashion blog on Instagram – there’s so much colour, movement and energy in every one of her posts.

This is not a 20 year old wearing a capsule wardrobe and telling you what you can and can’t wear, it’s a woman in her 50s having FUN with fashion.

Trinny’s ‘Outfit of the Day’ videos are basically like little bite-sized episodes of the Trinny and Susannah you know and love (minus the Susannah).

It’s Trinny out on the streets of London and Paris and hitting the sales on the high streets. She stands out in the street (or next to the sales rack) and yells about clothes over the sound of the traffic and the shop music and her energy is just so contagious.

She talks through her outfit, where she bought her pieces from, and how she put it all together. In true Trinny style she explains how each piece of clothing suits her body shape and how you could mix it up to suit your shape.


She explains how she’s modified pieces so they suit her better, how she’s mixed some older pieces with some new purchases, and how much (and how little) she’s spent on her outfit. She experiments with accessories, shapes and colours.

She walks through what you should – and shouldn’t – be spending your money on at the sales.

Trust me – after watching a couple of her videos you’ll want to pull all your clothes out of your wardrobe, have a play, and put some new outfits together.

She’s the perfect reminder that fashion is meant to be fun.

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