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Tributes flow for Charlotte Dawson

Friends and colleagues have paid tribute to TV personality Charlotte Dawson via social media, who was found dead in her Sydney home yesterday morning.

Celebrities such as Russell Crowe, Alex Perry, Megan Gale and Lara Bingle took to social media site Twitter to pay their respects and share their thoughts on such a tragic loss.


Grandfather dead after coward punch attack

Bruce Steenson, a 53-year-old Brisbane man has died after being allegedly coward punched at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast on Friday night. The grandfather, who was attempting to break up a fight was hit by a 21-year Caloundra man, and knocked to the ground. Steenson was taken to Nambour hospital in a critical condition, however his life support was turned off last night. The 21-year old has since been charged with murder.

Scott Morrison admits to unrest on Manus Island

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has admitted to contradicting himself in previous media statements about the ongoing unrest on Manus Island.
In a statement last night Mr. Morrison said: “I wish to confirm that contrary to initial reports received, I have received further information that indicates that the majority of the riotous behaviour that occurred, and the response to that behaviour to restore order to the centre, took place within the perimeter of the centre.” Morrison also conceded the death of one asylum seeker last week.

Mr. Morrison had previously stated previously stated that riotus behaviour was not taking place within the perimetre the Asylum Seeker centre.

Apple security scare promised to be fixed soon.

Apple computers, the makers of iPhones and Macbook will be issuing a software update ‘very soon’ after it was revealed that there was a major security flaw in their products. According to Software site Reuters the bug has been present for months, meaning anyone who uses these products could have been hacked.

Opposition leader urges protestors to continue demonstrating in Ukraine

Yulia Tymoshenko, the freed Ukrainian opposition leader has urged protestors to continue demonstrating until they have definitely triumphed over Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych. According to the ABC, Tymoshenko shouted to the rowdy crowd “This is a Ukraine of different people. The ones who died on Maidan [square] are our liberators, our heroes for centuries. You are heroes, you are the best of Ukraine.”

It is believed Presidential elections in the Ukraine will be held as early as the 25th of May.

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