'I'm a fashion writer and these are the boots you should be wearing this winter.'

Ask any fashion writer and they'll tell you that during winter all they want to do is write about boots. 

There are just so many styles to choose from, and we love helping you figure out what works for you and your wardrobe. This year, boots have blown up more than ever — take one look around and you'll see five different women wearing five different shoe trends.

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You see, boots are like sneakers. They get a makeover every few years but the concept generally stays the same.

Sure, a lot of the time you end up spending a pretty penny for good quality boots, but they also serve as your best friend year after year when the temperature drops. 

Because boots never go out of style (even the scrunch boots from the early 2000s are slowly starting to seep back into the trend cycle), making them a worthy investment. 

So, if you're still stuck on which boots to buy this year, I've broken down the most popular styles for you.


Let's get into it. 

Cowboy boots.

I don't know if we should thank Taylor Swift, Beyonce, The Wild Wild West or all of the above, but whoever decided cowboy boots were the next big thing had an eye for style. 

When you first come across a cowboy boot, you think it's only suited to a certain demographic (aka, young, Gen Z kiddos). But the truth it, anyone can wear the trend as long it's paired with the right pieces. 


You can choose something simple like pairing them with jeans and a plain tee or you can wear them with a floaty dress if you're wanting look more whimsical. These boots are also surprisingly comfortable as the heel isn't too high or thin, so a great option if you're wanting to look after your feet.

I recommend: 

Ravella Rodeo Western Boots, $149.95.

Image: Ravella, Myer.


Betts Brittany Knee High Western Boots, $159.99.

Image: Betts.

Novo Howdy Cream Cowboy Boots, $129.95.

Image: Novo.


Knee-high boots.


It's a classic style for a reason. The knee-high boot will never go out of style, and it's because it's a flattering style of shoe for everyone. You can wear them underneath a midi knit dress, tailored trousers or an oversized blazer. The point is, they're versatile AF and in 2024, come in multiple different styles. You have the pointed toe, square toe, pencil heel or no heel at all. A great all-rounder. 

I recommend:

Dazie Masego Knee High Boots, $119.99.

Image: Dazie, The Iconic.


City Chic Phoebe Knee High Boot in Black, $139.95.

Image: City Chic.


SPURR Lily Knee High Boots, $99.99.

Image: Spurr, The Iconic.

Biker boots.


Listen, the biker boot isn't for everyone, but if you wear a lot of black, don't mind a bulky shoe and enjoy experimenting with your style then it'll most likely become a part of your regular shoe rotation. This is a hefty design, often featuring more than one buckle. If sturdiness and durability are as important as the actual look of the shoe, then this style will last you a lifetime. 

Confused about what to wear them with? Try them on with a pair of denim shorts in spring, and a long coat and leggings in winter. But tbh, the only thing you need to make these work is confidence. 

I recommend:

Dazie Knee High Biker Boot, $119.99.

Image: Dazie, The Iconic.


Billini Oshea, $159.95.

Image: Billini, The Iconic.


Ravella Engine, $149.95.

Image: Ravella, The Iconic.


Foldover boots.

Since we're bringing back trends from the 2000s, it seemed fitting to reintroduce the foldover boot to an entirely new generation. First introduced by Givenchy in 2012, the foldover boot is a knee-high style that's edgy, dramatic and eye-catching. It's divisive because you either love it or hate it, but I'm firmly in the 'love it' category. 


If you wear a lot of shorter-length dresses and skirts and want something different, then this is the style to reach for. Oh, and it features a slight heel as well to help elongate the legs (even though it's hidden underneath the tall leather column).

I recommend:

That's So Fetch Hazal Knee High Boots, $139.99.

Image: That's So Fetch.


Zara High Heel Footed Legging Boots, $149.

Image: Zara.

Pull&Bear Stiletto Heel Gaiter Boots, $169.

Image: Pull&Bear, The Iconic.


Ankle boots.


The ankle boot has gone through a makeover. Back in the day, it used to sit right underneath our ankles, however, it made our legs look shorter than they were. Now, they sit slightly above our ankles, and instead of cutting us off, they help elongate our figure and make our legs look longer. Because of the style upgrade, we can now wear them with capri pants, ankle-grazer jeans and midi skirts. 

I recommend:

Target Womens Double Zip Boot, $40.

Image: Target.


Diana Ferrari Peetah Brown Leather Chelsea Boots, $219.95.

Image: Diana Ferrari.


Ugg Express Tarramarra Gold Buckle Ankle Boot, $180.

Image: Ugg Express.

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