These $25 sneakers are being hailed as the "best dupe" for the Adidas Sambas.

The '90s had Jordans, the 2000s had Air Force 1s, and the 2010s had (now-controversial) Yeezys.

What are the defining sneakers of the 2020s, we hear you ask? Clearly, it's the Adidas Sambas

Despite initial fears they could be a mere passing trend, they've proven that they're here to stay. In fact, Sambas are the brand's second best-selling style of all time.

Yet, as much as we all love Sambas, one pair will set you back $180, and in this economy, that's... a lot.

Could there be a perfect dupe out there waiting for us?

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Before we get into the dupes, it's important to understand why Sambas have risen above all other sneaker styles lately.

The slim-fit sneaker appears unassuming, which is precisely why it's so appealing. The rubber sole, classic three stripes Adidas is known for, and almond toe-box make this sneaker one of the most versatile on the market.

It also helps that a new colourway is released every week, making it a collector's dream. 

The original Adidas Sambas. Image: Adidas.


Adidas Sambas dupes in Australia.

Fortunately for us, Big W is selling a spot-on dupe for $25. Available in black and white, the Big W version of the Sambas feature a similar tan rubber sole and slim fit as the original; the key difference is the absence of the logo, and instead of three stripes, it has two.

Influencer Eliza, otherwise known as @bargain_homewares on Instagram, made the discovery during a trip to the department store. The creator is known for finding affordable alternatives to pricey items and said the shoes are the "best dupe that I've seen so far."

That's quite the endorsement from someone who has seen her fair share of dupes.


Are they exactly the same? No. But for $25, we really can't complain, and remember, a dupe isn't a replica. There will always be minor differences.

For $50, you can add both the black and white to your collection, as opposed to dropping close to $200 on the OG. 

Big W isn't the only retailer catering to Samba fanatics — H&M has also released a dupe, but they cost slightly more at $39.99. 


Unlike Adidas' Samba and Big W's version, the H&M pair don't feature striping along the side, however, they do come with the famous rubber sole and rounded toe-box.

We know what we're doing after this — heading to Big W, because if the dupes reach the same level of popularity as the original, then they won't last long.

If you don't have a Big W close by, then click here to purchase the shoes online.

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Feature Image: Instagram @bargain_homewares.

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