Planning a holiday? You need to know your travel archetype.

Holidays are the best. But planning holidays is... not.

It's a big wide world and there's just so much to see. Do you jump in the car and road trip here in Australia? Jump on a plane overseas? Are you up for an adventurous hike or more of a cocktail-by-the-beach kind of gal? Do you want to wake up in a new country each day in Europe, or count how many species you see on a safari in Africa? Where do you stay? A hotel, hostel or Airbnb? Where do you EAT? Are you a street food enthusiast or more into a fine-dining experience?

You get the point - it's a lot. 

This is where your travel archetype comes in, according to Zsuzsanna Janos, Country Director Australia at travel agency Agoda. She reckons there are five archetypes that explain what kind of traveller you are and what kind of travel experience you are looking for. 

"Travel isn't a one-size-fits-all game. Where you go and what you do should be as unique and authentic as you are," Janos says. 

Figuring out which best suits you can go a long way towards planning your ultimate break. So, which one are you?

But first, watch horoscopes at the airport. Post continues below.

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The Precision Planner.

You are: already at the airport, right? Okay, maybe not quite. But you are the kind of person who's there four hours earlier than you need to be. I know, I know. There could be traffic! Precision Planners are methodical and alllll about the detail. They've spent 250 hours researching before their trip and step off a plane with their itinerary already set in stone. 


You want: a little bit of everything, as long as it can be done efficiently. You're down for a mix of history, culture and maybe a tourist trap or two, and you've definitely already organised your days for maximum balance. 

Destinations: South Korea and Japan are right up your alley: both countries are full of incredibly interesting, rich history and culture, mixed with hyper-modern, and most importantly, impeccably timed transport options. So you can enjoy your packed itinerary, with no need to worry about how you're going to get there on time. 

Janos says Japanese cities like Tokyo and Kyoto blend serene temples and perfectly manicured gardens with cutting-edge technology, vibrant neighbourhoods and incredible local food, so you'll find something to fulfil every one of your desires. For your hyper-organised needs, each also has an intricate web of trains and subways to get you around.

In Seoul, the South Korean capital, you can wander the hustling and bustling shopping streets, visit the even more hustling and bustling local markets and wander through streets of traditional architecture all in close proximity. And you Precision Planners have already Googled 'DMZ tour', haven't you?

The Serenity Seeker.

You are: excited about a massage. Above all else, the Serenity Seeker seeks relaxation and a slower pace than day-to-day life. You're packing 30 different books and you plan to get through them all, preferably poolside.


You want: did I mention a massage? You gravitate towards breezy resorts, tranquil spa retreats and serene nature getaways. Bonus points if the only shoes you need to pack are to get you from the pool or beach and back.

Destinations: when Australians think Bali, we mostly think of Bintang and partying, but Janos says there's a whole other, much more Serenity Seeker-approved side to the Indonesian island. Think lush landscapes, pristine beaches and world-class spas. When you know where to look, Bali is the perfect place to unwind.

There's lots of relaxation to be had in the Pacific, too. In Fiji, you won't even have to leave a beachside resort to have everything you could possibly want. Then there are options like Vanuatu or the Cook Islands, where the carefree, easygoing vibes are so intoxicating you'll soon have absolutely no idea what day it is - which is the ultimate Serenity Seeker goal, is it not?

The Explore-it-All.

You are: DESPERATELY craving adrenaline.

You want: an adventure. Whether it's by diving headfirst into a totally new place or... diving headfirst out of a plane, you're down for anything, at any time.

Destinations: according to Janos, the Explore-it-Alls are going to want to book a (spontaneous, probably last-minute) flight to Thailand, because it's a versatile destination where every day is an adventure. From scuba diving in the Andaman Sea to the country's vibrant street food scene and labyrinth markets, Thailand is the kind of place you can always expect the unexpected.

Just across the ditch, New Zealand's Queenstown and Wanaka regions offer enough adventure to keep your heart rate spiked for days: sky-diving, bungy, snow sports, Zorb and more beautiful hikes than you can possibly even imagine. They don't call it the adventure capital of the world for nothing.


The Lavish Lover.

You are: fancy (or wanting to cosplay as fancy while on holiday).

You want: to feel pampered in your travel experience. You're looking for opulence and indulgence, whether that's with shopping, food, accommodation or... all three.

Destinations: Janos recommends Singapore for you Lavish Lovers out there. The bustling metropolis has world-class hotels, high-end shopping and Michelin-starred dining experiences. You can enjoy lux at every turn: visit the famous Marina Bay Sands and take a dip in its rooftop infinity pool, or indulge in one of the city's personalised VIP shopping services. 

Then, when you're all shopped out, you can bet there's plenty of world-class luxury spas that can take care of you.

The Cultural Connoisseur.

You are: the kind of person who emerges from a Wikipedia rabbit hole after six hours. And no big deal, but you're really good at a pub quiz.

You want: to wander museums, tick off a destination's historical landmarks and have authentic interactions with locals. You're curious and keen to immerse yourself in all the history, culture and art of wherever you may find yourself. 

Destinations: Vietnam has a rich and diverse cultural heritage, making it a perfect destination for Culture Connoisseurs, according to Janos. From the ancient temples of Hanoi to the bustling markets of Ho Chi Minh City to the natural beauty and history of Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam has an abundance of culture to explore. Culture Connoisseurs will love learning about Vietnam's traditional art forms and both its ancient and more modern history. Also, Vietnamese food, anyone???


Culture Connoisseurs with an abundance of time could choose to expand their trip into a wider South East Asia experience with trips to nearby countries Cambodia and Laos, who are each also FULL of history, natural beauty and unique culture. Just think about the Wikipedia deep dive opportunities.

The... blend.

Maybe you're a Serenity Seeker with a Precision Planner rising? Or on the cusp of Lavish Lover and Cultural Connoisseur. Perhaps you're typically an Explore-it-All, but it's been a YEAR, so you're feeling a Serenity Seeker-style poolside vacay calling your name (*raises hand*).

If you identify with traits from two or more archetypes, Janos says you're a blended traveller - someone who loves to express or lean into different parts of your personality at different moments.

The best part is that most destinations offer something to scratch *every* itch. For example, if you're in Bali for the serenity, you can rest assured there are plenty of cultural highlights you can plan for too. In Thailand and Vietnam, you can mix deep immersion with the adventures of the incredible natural landscapes. 

"Once you know your travel archetype it allows you to better align your destination with your desires and expectations," Janos says.

Happy planning, travellers.

Feature image: Canva.

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