Tracy Grimshaw publicly hit out at a paparazzo in her street. Now, he has responded.

Tracy Grimshaw is a media veteran with a stellar career of more than three decades behind her. But she says she’s recently seen too many paparazzi waiting to capture her image, on her own street. And it’s not the sort of attention the A Current Affair host is seeking.

In response, last week Grimshaw shared a makeup free selfie on Instagram with a pointed message to photographers. And now, one of them has written back.

Grimshaw’s caption to her Instagram post read; “Paps are in my street again so here’s a free shot of what they’re after: without make up or hair done, looking unkempt and flushed from working, preferably with #restingbitchface, work clothes covered in furkid hair, and maybe some horse snot thrown in.”


Clearly frustrated, the TV host continued, “Now the mags and websites don’t have to pay to have me stalked by strange men to get this pic. I’ll buy a selfie stick so next time I can give you full length, because they like those. Especially from behind. Leave it with me.”

The post was supported by Grimshaw’s fans, including international model Megan Gale, who all agreed she had a right to privacy when she was off-duty.

The post also attracted the attention of the main photographer she was reportedly aiming her comments at: Stephen Cook, former assistant editor of New Zealand’s Herald on Sunday. Cook decided to post an angry rebuttal:

“Tracy there is a rich irony here that for whatever reason seems lost on you,” he wrote.

“With blinding righteous indignation, you condemn the paparazzi while ignoring the fact that in the over-exaggerated, sensationalised world of tabloid current affairs your show adopts the very same practises (sic) as they do.

“Five days a week, you chase and hound people to the ends of the Earth in the name of ‘serious journalism’, when in reality your show is nothing more than tabloid TV designed to boost Channel 9’s ratings and advertising revenue.”

Cook also said the A Current Affair team won an industry award that was due to footage from paparazzi.

“You will remember ACA was recognised at a journalism awards gala for its coverage of the Mitchell Pearce dog scandal,” he said.

“That video was provided to ACA by none other than the paparazzi. If you’re going to vilify the paparazzi one minute you cannot accept the content they provide the next.”

In the conclusion to his angry comment, Cook noted that Grimshaw had a choice:

“Give up the money, the perks and with it the celebrity and life you live like the rest of us. If you’re not willing to do that, then stop the carping and smile for the cameras.”

Grimshaw has not yet responded.