Barnaby Joyce shares bizarre confrontation with paparazzi - and there are just so many issues.

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A week after his infamous $150,000 television interview pleading for privacy for his new family, Barnaby Joyce has posted two videos showing him having a row with a photographer outside a church.

The former deputy prime minister and Nationals leader recorded the incident on Sunday while asking the photographer why he was following him around.

“It’s our job,” replied the bearded photographer who refused to give his name or who he worked for.

He turned the tables, asking Mr Joyce how he could come out of church and size someone up to punch them.

Mr Joyce, who has been on sick leave from political duties since late May, said he hadn’t done that.

“Yes, you did. You pulled your right hand back. If I hadn’t walked away you would have clubbed me,” the photographer said.

“Go back to your regular job as a bouncer.”

Twitter users were quick to point out the two ironies in Joyce’s impassioned tweet.

First, it comes just days after he said he was “entitled” to lobby NSW Nationals to vote against a bill to provide “safe zones” around the state’s abortion clinics that would make it an offence to film staff and patients without their consent.



Second, when you’ve demanded privacy, but then sold your story for $150,000 to Channel 7, things can get a little confusing.

In this case, we think journalist Peter FitzSimons put it best.