"I told the Mamamia office about these $38 jeans and now everyone is wearing them."


There’s no greater gift that you can give to another woman than a good jeans recommendation. That’s a fact.

So when you find a pair that does all of the things you need them to do, you do your due diligence and… tell people. That’s why when I came into the office this week wearing my new pair of jeans (that I only paid $37.45 for, thank you very much) I had to shout my find from the proverbial rooftops.

First it started by showing my new purchase to a handful of my colleagues, who like me, suffer from online shopping addictions. From there, I put it in our office Buy, Swap, Sell channel. Then all of a sudden, I had women coming to inspect my jeans from all corners of the office and I all but went from desk to desk to tell the rest of the team they needed to buy them.

Before I knew it, five other women in the Mamamia office had checked out of their shopping carts with the same jeans. One, who I will not publicly shame, even got same day delivery because she was so desperate to have them. This must be what it feels like to be a fashion influencer, I thought to myself.

Proof. Image: Supplied.

They're high waisted so you don't have to worry about muffin top or bending down and exposing your undies to your colleague at the next desk over. They also have a super skinny ankle which pops perfectly into a pair of boots during winter. Don't underestimate how hard a good skinny ankle is to find, the struggle is real.

And just when you thought it couldn't get better, they also offer sizes based on waist and length. So whether you're short, tall or in between, you can find the exact length you need.

But I'd be lying if I said the TOPSHOP MOTO Joni Jeans were a new discovery. Far from it. I found them a few years ago when TOPSHOP first opened in Australia and I was on the verge of first world problem tears when the storefronts started to close down and my perfect jeans became harder and harder to find.

The TOPSHOP MOTO Joni Jeans in Indigo. Image: Supplied.

When I was in Singapore at the end of last year, I even spent a small fortune on getting them in every colour because I knew I had to seize the opportunity with both hands. That's when The Iconic swooped in and saved the day when they started selling them at the end of October last year.

So when The Iconic sent me an email for their 25% off New Winter Styles Sale, I nearly broke my thumb trying to check if my go-to jeans were included, and by God, they were. I purchased them in True Blue for $37.45 (down from $49.95) and Indigo for $56.20 (down from $74.95).

If you too want the perfect jeans, get on it. You'll have to be quick though. The sale ends on Monday and the sizes are selling out fast, probably because the Mamamia office has purchased most, if not all of them.

NOTE: This post is not sponsored, we just really, really like these jeans. 

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