The best women's jeans of all time were discontinued. Now they're available on The Iconic.


Like bras, swimwear and a good bikini waxer, finding jeans that fit properly and comfortably is hard.

Which is why when news broke earlier this year that Topshop was closing its Australian stores, thousands of women waved their beloved denim pants in anger.

You see, there’s something special about Topshop’s jeans range. Not only are they affordable, but they fit all sizes.

Image: Supplied.

Rather than just your standard sizing (8, 10, 12 etc), the range is organised by waist width AND length, making them essential for both shorter, taller, and in-between jeans wearers.

One unnamed fan was so distraught by the idea of being unable to buy her go-to jeans, she bought several pairs from a store in Singapore when she was on holiday just in case.

Hold your panic - another retailer has come to the rescue.

The Iconic now stocks Topshop jeans, from the cropped Joni style to the skinny Jamie and all the mom jeans in between.

They range from $84.95 to $99.95 and are available in all your favourite washes and cuts.

Even better? Thanks to The Iconic's express delivery in certain cities, you could even have your new jeans hanging in your wardrobe within three hours. Yep, THREE hours.

Some sizes are already low in stock though, so you'll want to get in quick.

Just be sure to leave a pair or two for us.