Tim and Anna from The Bachelor actually met in 2011. Whoa.




You know Tim and Anna, the exceedingly attractive lovers from last year’s The Bachelor?

The ones who fell in love on national television and has definitely, certainly, absolutely not met before the filming of that show? We swear on Osher Gunsberg‘s hair that they never, ever laid eye on each other before that show?

Those ones?

Well, actually, they met in 2011.

At a Vodafone event.

Dressed in matching red outfits.

Arm in arm.

See? Some extremely observant soul looked very closely at this photograph (top right) and spotted Tim and Anna. They look like they’re working at the event, dressed all in red.

Let’s zoom on in there to confirm their handsome faces.

Yep That’s them.

You can “Conspiracy! Bachelor conspiracy!” all you like (and we have), but Tim and Anna actually have no memory of meeting at all.

They’ve linked arms with so many attractive strangers in matching outfits, they just can’t single each other out.

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