The Cyrus family is completely divided, but it wasn't always that way.

New in 'headlines you never could've even imagined', a report has claimed that an ongoing feud within the Cyrus family involves Tish Cyrus 'stealing' her now-husband from her youngest daughter.


Tish, 56, married Australian Prison Break actor Dominic Purcell, 54, in August last year after nine months of dating. The wedding became a catalyst event for what has been reported as a rift in the famous family, and now US Weekly reckons it has some, uh, new context also involving the youngest Cyrus sibling, Noah, 24.

According to a Us Weekly insider, "Noah was [seeing] Dominic when Tish started pursuing him".

The source noted that Tish "was aware" of the situation and that "the turmoil between Noah and Tish goes far beyond [what people think]. Noah is very distraught over Tish stealing Dominic from her".

If you think that's outlandish, you wouldn't be alone.

Soon after, another report surfaced in the Daily Mail claiming Noah had in fact 'fabricated' the rumour.

"Noah has always craved the attention because she did not get it growing up. Tish was always so Miley-sided because that is where the money was," an 'insider' said.

The publication of the rumour had further fractured Noah and Tish's already fraught relationship, the publication claimed.

A second source also said the rumour was "ludicrous".

"Tish and Dominic are all in with each other and Noah and Dominic never even had a thing going on and think that it is ludicrous that people would think Tish stole Dominic from her daughter," the source said.


The entire Cyrus family became known in 2006, when a teenage Miley Cyrus became the star of Disney Channel juggernaut Hannah Montana

She — and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus, who also played her dad on the series — became instant household names to a generation of millennial teens (and their parents), although their parents were already familiar with Billy Ray and his 1992 one-hit wonder 'Achy Breaky Heart'. 

In a February 2024 interview with Alex Cooper's Call Her Daddy podcast, Miley's mother Tish and older sister Brandi shared context on how Hannah Montana impacted their entire family — and it re-contextualised their entire story. 

In fact, Billy Ray landing the Robby Ray Stewart role on the series was by Tish's design.

"I'm trying to be politically correct. He had done 'Achy Breaky [Heart]' and nothing else was working," Tish said. 

"And then I brought Miley out to audition for Hannah and she had gotten it. One of the casting directors said a joke, like, 'Ugh, too bad we can't afford her real dad.' And I said, 'Oh, maybe you can.'"

She told Billy Ray to audition, "because they love you and they're really interested. Yes, it would be a pay cut but our family could be together" in Los Angeles.

Not only did it launch Miley as a generation-defining star, but it re-vitalised Billy Ray's career and introduced him to an entirely new audience.


Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus on Hannah Montana. Image: Disney.

Hannah Montana ran on Disney Channel from 2006 to 2011, and in the years since its conclusion, the Cyrus family have expressed everything from love and nostalgia to embarrassment and regret.

Perhaps the strongest, most memorable quote of all came from Billy Ray Cyrus in 2011 when he said Hannah Montana "destroyed" his family.


"It destroyed my family. I'll tell you right now — the damn show destroyed my family," he told GQ.

At the time, he and Tish were divorcing (they called off the divorce soon after, re-filed in 2013, got back together again that same year and finally divorced for good in 2022).

Tish and Brandi said they did not feel that way.

"The family's not destroyed, first of all," Brandi noted. "We're doing great."

"I just think he was having a moment," Tish said.

The Cyrus family. Image: Getty.


Tish recalled the difficulty of juggling parenting five children — Brandi and Miley, plus eldest son Trace and her youngest two, Braison and Noah — and the family's new, much larger level of fame, saying she did not realise what she had done was "bad arse" until it was pointed out by her new husband, Purcell.

She also explained the adaptations she had to make to her parenting style when Miley was growing up so famous, after being much more strict with her older children.

"I looked at kids like Lindsay Lohan and that, and Miley finally had money like that and so if I would've been so hard on her she would've moved out," Tish told Call Her Daddy.

"But instead, I made her live with me until she was 18 and I had to be more flexible because if I wasn't she would've just been like 'well, I'm moving out'."

The Cyrus family, including Miley herself, have obviously had a rollercoaster ride of fame and public opinion in the near-20 years of extreme stardom.

For the past year, particularly following both parents remarrying, fans have zeroed in on a clear fracture between not just Tish and Billy Ray post-divorce, but also their children.

While her eldest three children — Brandi, Trace and Miley — attended her August 2023 wedding, Tish's two youngest children were not there and instead documented their day out together in Los Angeles on Instagram, with Noah even wearing a Billy Ray Cyrus t-shirt.


Noah, in a Billy Ray Cyrus t-shirt, and brother Braison. Image: Instagram @noahcyrus.

In what was seen as a subtle response, Trace uploaded a childhood photo featuring his mother and him with only two of his siblings; Brandi and Miley.

It wasn't the first indication of anything being wrong either.

Miley unfollowed her dad on Instagram (and he then responded in kind) in 2022, months after his divorce from Tish was publicised. And while we're watching Instagram follows, Noah, the youngest, and Brandi, the eldest, do not follow each other either. Brandi and Trace also don't follow youngest brother Braison.


Following her wedding, Tish liked a tweet that featured lyrics from an unleased Miley song, which said: "It's just that my dad didn't always know how to say that he's proud of who I am."

Then on February 4, 2024, as Miley stood on music's biggest stage to accept her first two Grammy awards for her hit 'Flowers', she did not thank him.

"I don't think I forgot anyone, but I might've forgotten underwear," she quipped before walking off stage.

The allegation of Noah dating her mother's now-husband first is obviously very chaotic, and the US Weekly source also claimed Noah was not even invited to the wedding.

The allegation also goes against Tish and Purcell's publicly known meet-cute.

Tish told Call Her Daddy Purcell had always been her "hall pass", and she messaged him after her split from Billy Ray.

"We go to lunch, make out for like three hours at a pub in a little hole in the wall," Tish said. "I cannot even tell you how amazing he is."

Feature image: Getty.

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