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Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich try on some, uh, interesting looks for a new photo shoot.

It’s called fashion, dahling.

Proving they’ll give anything a go, Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich sported some, uh, unique fashion looks in a new photo shoot for Stellar magazine.

While the rest of us probably wouldn’t go near scrunchie socks in 2018, we have to give credit where it’s due – these guys somehow manage to pull it off.

It’s just one of the bizarre, seemingly mismatched looks the former Bachelor stars are seen in.

And while they make it look good, we probably wouldn’t try any of this at home.

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Another photo shows the couple – who are set to get married this month after meeting on the 2013 season of The Bachelor – wearing matching beige ensembles.

Because, let’s face it, the couple that dresses together, stays together.

Tim, 35, even gives corduroy pants a red hot go, and while they don’t exactly look awful on him, we’ll be very disappointed if they make a comeback, that’s all we’re going to say.

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Even Tim was able to have a laugh at his new look.


“Nothing to see here… just chillin’ in my corduroys… with Bae…” he captioned the photo on his Instagram.

Anna, 31, even shows off a ruffled clown collar in one of the photos, although we secretly think she’s just trying to get back at Tim for those beige corduroy pants.

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Also, Tim wears a tartan coat while sitting on a tartan picnic blanket, and honestly, we don’t know where the jacket ends and the rug begins.

Fashion is so confusing sometimes.