So, it turns out Courtney Dober did find love on The Bachelor. Just not ours.

Courtney Dober was the contestant on Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette who was unceremoniously dumped from the show after seeming just a little indifferent to the entire concept.

Now, it would appear more than a year after first appearing on our screens, Courtney Dober has found love in the very setting he didn’t seem to… enjoy last year.

Yes, The Bachelor. Just not our version.

In December last year, Dober appeared on The Bachelor Winter Games where there he met a 21-year-old called Lily McManus. She had recently appeared on New Zealand’s version of The Bachelor, also walking away without love.

After appearing on the Bachelor Winter Games, the two fell in love and have moved to Los Angeles together.


Writing on Instagram soon after the show aired in February this year, the couple revealed neither went home after the show.

“After The Bachelor Winter Games finished we didn’t want to go home,” they wrote.

“We decided to extend our stay and get an RV to drive from New York to Los Angeles. This would really put our newly found relationship to the ultimate test.”

In a World Tell All last month, both Lily and Courtney said they didn’t actually expect to find anyone through the process.

“We’re quite fitted for each other in the way that we probably don’t belong here,” Lily said.

“But we found ourselves here, and we found each other here, and we didn’t expect to find each other here.”

Courtney concurred:

“That’s definitely the biggest thing that’s surprised me was meeting someone like Lily in this situation,” he said. “She’s so raw and honest and open and drew me instantly to her.”

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