The moment Anna Heinrich decided whether to take fiancé Tim Robards' last name.

From where to seat that aunt who gets along with no one to whether there should be a band or DJ, modern engaged couples have a thousand decisions to make about their wedding day.

But then there’s another choice to make that has little to do with the day and everything to do with the rest of your life: will the bride take the groom’s last name as her own?

The Bachelor‘s Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich are a modern, engaged couple and they’ve only made their final call on this decision recently. In fact, Anna went into an interview with Stellar magazine not 100 per cent sure what she was going to do, and left it with her mind completely made up.


When reporter Adrienne Tam asked whether the lawyer and influencer would be ending the ceremony with the last name Heinrich or Robards, Anna’s answer was a little shaky.

“Uh, I think so, it’s not confirmed,” she said.

Apparently, her fiance was caught off guard by this reply, asking her, “You think so?”

And just like that, she made up her mind: “OK, yes, yes I will! Yes I will. Anna Robards. I think it has a nice ring to it.”

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Also in the interview with the News Corp publication, the couple shared details of their proposal in May last year while on holiday in Western Australia last year – which Tim managed to catch on film by launching a drone.

Tim took Anna out on a dinghy to Chamberlain Gorge, where his collared shirt raised suspicion – “He never wears a shirt” – and he didn’t even get through the question before she started “bawling”. Anna added that she hadn’t yet seen the whole recording, which has us guessing it may make an appearance during their upcoming wedding in Italy.

Their big day sounds like it will be another fairytale moment in their fairytale romance, but as Tim shared during the interview, it almost wasn’t to be. Upon first meeting Anna outside the Bachelor mansion in 2013, Tim thought he noticed something that would be a major dealbreaker.


“[Anna] had this very raspy voice and I thought she sounded like a smoker,” Tim, who’s a non-smoker and now makes money from his popular fitness program, said.

“I thought, ‘Hmmm… this one might be doomed as well. Just when you think you get ahead and get a nice one, she’s a smoker!'”

But as Tim soon learned, she wasn’t, making his decision to give her rose after rose and eventually profess his love on the show, easy.

You can read the full interview with Tim and Anna, here.