Want to know if your date is cheating? Look at their bathroom.

TikTok is good for a lot of things: genius cooking videos you'll save but never try, animals laying in places they shouldn't, Saltburn fan edits of Jacob Elordi being tall, and most abundantly: tips to catch if your man (or even date) is cheating.

The weirdest one of 2023 has to be women leaving glitter inside their partner's car under their passenger side mirror, assuming that only a secret girlfriend would sit in that spot and check her reflection, therefore confirming the cheating when his car seat has glitter on it.

This sounds rather messy and there's a lot of admin involved with purchasing the glitter, stealing his car keys, sneaking to his car, and then filling up the mirror.

Who has the time or energy?!

Thankfully for us lazy gewls, there's a new way to ensure your man isn't a cheater right from the beginning — from the very first date.

In a TikTok posted by @quesoscorpio, the user filmed herself inspecting her date's bathroom (curiously with a friend in tow) and was left suspicious by what she found.

Watch the TikTok here. Post continues after video. 

Video via TikTok/@@quesoscorpio.

The viral TikTok has been viewed over 12 million times, and was captioned the video “MY BATHROOM ISNT EVEN THIS NICE." The user spent the video rummaging through the date's toiletries filled with luxe skincare and hair products, with the words across the video suggesting the man either has a girlfriend or as she puts it “applying nail polish to fingers” emoji, suggesting he is a queer man.


The idea that only gay men invest in skincare and haircare is an outdated concept best left in 2023. But according to the comments, she could be on to something due to one item in the bathroom: the specialised showerhead.

"The JOLIE??? Dude he’s MARRIED," one commenter wrote. "I’d scream if I saw the Jolie," another added.

A Jolie showerhead filters out hard water, chlorine, heavy metals, and other chemicals which is supposed to benefit a person's skin and hair. While it's not a product marketed only to women, it is popular among women.

Then there's the skincare products and the Dyson hairdryer which has also raised concerns among the TikTok user's followers. "My exact two moisturisers AND I have that same Dyson," wrote one.

Image: TikTok/@quesoscorpio.


Drunk Elephant's Protini Polypeptide Cream and Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream are probably what the user is referring to, as people well-versed in the beauty space more commonly use the two luxury cult skincare products.

Throughout the video, the user continues to ask "Who the f*ck cooked here?", before the ends the video by turning to the camera and asking “What is happening?”

For me, this could go either way: you've either caught out a bloke who took you back to his girlfriend's apartment and gained a boatload of TikTok followers for it, or you've just found the perfect man.

And we have our answer, in a follow-up video, someone asked for an update, and she said "the girl saw the video and he is a liar," suggesting he had a partner after all.

This is us giving you permission to rummage through your next date's bathroom... respectfully, of course. Go nuts!

Feature Image: TikTok/@@quesoscorpio.

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