Every thought that goes through my head during a PT session.

In theory, I love the idea of exercise. It releases endorphins, burns calories, is good for me yada yada yada. But in reality, it hurts, I look like a sweaty mess and at the time, forms of mild torture become an oddly appealing alternative.

Despite this I persist because I know it’s good for me and it gives me a great excuse to buy activewear, which let’s face it – I wear whether or not I’m exercising.

But during every personal training session, no matter how many times I tell myself that exercise is great and that I should do more, my mind manages to produce a series of ridiculous perfectly reasonable thoughts which make it mighty hard to see the benefits.

1. This session is going to be amazing because I’m amazing and I am going to do amazing things.

2. Oh, we’re starting with boxing, that is so wonderful.

3. Is it over yet?

4. I am definitely not amazing.

5. I wonder if my PT can tell that I ate an entire bag of Light and Tangy chips yesterday? It was an accident.

6. I also may have had chocolate close to breakfast time, okay caught me, I had chocolate for breakfast.

Cannibalism? ???????? #hoppyeaster #easTERland

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7. Why am I paying for this? This isn’t fun.

8. Since I’m paying for this surely, I can just leave. Why I am still here?

9. Why is she talking to me? You’re making me lift heavy things and squat at the same time, I cannot talk right now.

10. Surely burpees were at some point in time used as torture for committing heinous crimes. I haven’t committed any heinous crimes so… why me? I’m a good person damn it.

11. Seriously stop talking to me.


12. What would happen if I ‘accidentally’ punched her during a boxing session? Like, would the session say… be over?

13. Did the clock stop? According to it we have only been working out for nine minutes. That has to be wrong. This is a bloody conspiracy.

14. Everyone else in the gym is definitely watching me and laughing in their minds. I can see it in their eyes. Leave me ALONE guys.

15. Everything hurts.

16. You want me to do what now? Haha…that’s cute.

Michelle Bridges admits that her and Steve do eat pasta and drink wine on I Don’t Know How She Does It (post continues after audio).

17. I bet she can’t even do these exercises. Oh, look at me I’ve done two as a demonstration, now you do twenty. Puh-lease.

18. She definitely cannot count properly, I totally just did twenty-five.

19. Stop counting forwards then backwards it’s bloody confusing and you keep stuffing up.

20. Oh goody, it’s stretching time. Time to tell me how well I’ve done.

21. I suppose that wasn’t so bad.

Until next session…

Do you have any thoughts to add to Tess’ about exercising?