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"Giving my 92yo Nanna a hug.": 30 women on what they'll never take for granted again.

It’s safe to say that before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were all too busy. 

Too busy to visit our grandparents. Too busy to pick up the phone when mum just wants to chat. Too busy to go for that coffee date we’ve been putting off for weeks.

Life gets in the way, we all know that.

But when suddenly faced with these new restrictions that make it physically impossible to do most of those things, we miss them. A lot.

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So Mamamia decided to speak to a group of women and ask them one important question: “What will you never take for granted again, once this is all over?”

And the answers flooded in.

From 30 Australian women, these are the small things in life that they will never take for granted again.


“Being able to have non-phone time. Now our lifeline to other people is pretty much completely phone-dependent.”


“Visiting my 92-year-old Nanna for a cup of tea and giving her a cuddle.”


“As an introvert, I always thought this would be my dream scenario. But I’m finding what I’m missing most is the daily contact and banter with colleagues; the lightness and interactions that break up my day. It’s never something I took for granted, but it makes me so much more appreciative of it now.”


“Hugging my mum hello when I see her.”


“Going to the gym. It’s my me time, my stress relief and my mental health must.”



“My mum being able to help with the kids!”


“Having the option to go and visit my grandfather, and give him a hug. Can’t believe how much I took that for granted.

“And PILATES. I would give my left leg to be able to do pilates.”


“I miss my chosen family. A chosen family is something that a lot of people have but particularly LGBTQIA+ people. It’s a non-biological family because many of our biological family don’t accept us so we accept, love and support each other.

“So I have a family in Melbourne that are my chosen family and provide all of the same things a biological family do but can’t see them. It’s hard for LGTBQIA people because many of them are already isolated or have been forced into non-accepting households so without the support of their chosen family this has a massive impact on their mental health.”


“Actually going into an office to work with your amazing colleagues.”


“Hugs. I always say I’m not a hugger, but it’s funny how different you feel when that’s taken away from you.”


“This sounds so boring, but my daily routine. Walk, gym, coffee, office, just the little things that make up a normal day.”


“I don’t know how to phrase this, but just regular interaction with strangers I walk by. When I go for a walk, or to the grocery store I notice us all moving as far as possible away from anyone in our paths, which is good and the right thing, but it just feels sad to be so clearly physically avoiding people. Especially old people, it makes me sad.”


“I miss the movies?? And I hardly ever go to the movies but I love having it as an option.”


“I miss going out for dinner! I am… not a good cook.”


“Toilet paper. But more broadly, not having to worry about not being able to find something I need on a supermarket shelf. How lucky are we… that is such a privilege.”


“When I moved here, far away from family, my mantra always was ‘they’re only a flight away’. And now… they’re not. I used to think my life is here now and I can’t spend all my money and annual leave going back every single year forever. But now I will. Without a shadow of a doubt.”


“My contraceptive pill! I have to change because mine as it’s out of stock until August. It is the one constant in my life I thought would never change but now I have to swap to something that’s in stock.”



“My parents and grandparents, and the fact they’re only ever a phone call away. I will be picking up the phone more often from now on instead of letting having a ‘busy’ life get in the way.”


“Friends! Will definitely make more of an effort to make more plans and do more stuff with friends, even if it’s just for a quick walk or five-minute chat.”


“Coffee with friends, having dinner/drinks at friends houses and netball.”

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“My partner! Something like this I feel could really make or break a couple. I’ve seen a side of him that’s always been there but we both work a lot and don’t get to always experience the best of each other. I often don’t give him the props he deserves and take how much of a great guy he is for granted. Never again!”


“Being able to rub my eyes with my hands whenever I want!”


“I feel happiest in a sweaty AF mosh pit and dancing like a maniac with strangers who have a shared love for an artist, and I just can’t see me being able to do that in the foreseeable future.”


“Being able to go outside and not feel a palpable sense of anxiety in the air…dramatic but true.”


“Going on dates. So sorry to the guys I blew off wish we could get a drink right now.”


“Actually going to work. I work as a nurse in a private hospital which will suspend elective surgery from next week and has no contract with the state government to take on medical patients/overflow from the public system. So I already miss not going to work.”


“Playground catches up with little friends.”


“I miss being able to go for a walk around the block with my friend. Her housemate is a nurse, so they are both being extra careful not to pick anything up from anyone else so she can continue to save lives!”


“Early morning F45 class.”


“That quiet train ride to work in the morning, time to read my book!”

What will you never take for granted again? Let us know in the comments. 

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