A contestant broke the rules on Fifi Box's new show and she could not hide her shock.

Channel Seven’s The Single Wives, hosted by Fifi Box, follows four women who have previously been married as they re-enter the dating scene with the help of international dating expert, Matthew Hussey.

The show premiered on Wednesday, and on Thursday night’s episode, Hussey asked the four women to go out and meet some new men who they could potentially date.

Sheridan, one of the four women looking for love, decided she would instead invite someone she already knew on a date…which, was clearly breaking the rules, but anywho…

Then, to make the situation even more confusing, it was revealed that said man was her ex-husband’s friend. Oh.

the single wives
Sorry, what?? Image via Channel 7.

"Daniel is a friend of mine" Sheridan explained. "We became very close after both of our marriage separations, so he’s been a really great friend to me."


"I have asked him to come tonight to talk further and just see if that friendship is something more."

Fifi Box and Matthew Hussey were obviously quite puzzled by Sheridan's revelation.

"What! He’s friends with her ex-husband?" Fifi said, bewildered by the situation. "Oh no Matt, that does not bode well."

"It seems like a really unnecessary mess to get yourself into to date a friend of your ex," Matthew said to Box.

"Seven billion people on this planet and you have to date the friend of your ex."