The first photos of Netflix's She-Ra reboot have got some awful men very upset.

Netflix have announced they will be rebooting 1980s anime series She-Ra, and the first photos of the newly designed lead character have got some men very upset.


For those unfamiliar with the original series, the character – Hee Man’s twin sister – is a warrior with long blonde hair, a very short skirt and prominent breasts. The redesign, however, features a desexualised She-Ra, with the show focussing on her ability and courage rather than her cleavage.


Now male fans of the original have taken to Twitter to complain that the new animation isn’t sexy enough for them. Yes, really.


The character is 16 in the series, and since this is a series that is being made for kids, we are pretty confused about why men are angry about the protagonist’s desexualisation.



In response to the patriarchal backlash, many users jumped to the defence of the reboot.


The male creator of the original She-Ra, J. Michael Straczynski, also released a series of tweets addressing the matter. He explains that She-Ra was always a warrior first and foremost, and that her body had nothing to do with it.

The importance of young women having positive female role models that reflect what they look like cannot be underestimated, and the desexualisation of She-Ra will inevitably be celebrated by parents of the children who will enjoy the show when it’s released.

She-ra and the Princesses of Power will be released on Netflix later this year.