It's official: These are the six worst Netflix originals released this year.

You can’t go past a good Netflix original series.

What you can go past is a, erm, pretty damn average one.

Netflix gave us some of the biggest shows of the year – 13 Reasons Why, The Crown, Glow and Mindhunter to name just a few.

But it also delivered a few underwhelming series and a few, well, shockers.

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To help you avoid a crappy binge session this Christmas, we’ve rounded up the six worst Netflix original series according to the critics:

6. Girlboss

Critic score: 31%

Audience score: 72%

Girlboss had such promise but in the end it was a lil’ bit underwhelming.

The series followed the story of Sophia Marlowe as she somehow stumbles into creating one of the most successful online businesses of the noughties. The series is loosely based on the true story of Nasty Gal founder, Sophia Amoruso.

The thing is though, Marlowe’s character is kind of annoying and her quick rise to success is a little unbelievable.

Watch it if: You’re into vintage clothing, you have a spare eight hours, and you don’t want to think too hard.

Don’t watch it if: You’ve got a bunch of other shows to catch up on.

5. Neo Yokio

Critic score: 30%

Audience score: 56%

Neo Yokio is an American-Japanese co-produced animated television series created by Ezra Koenig of American rock band Vampire Weekend. According to people who are into anime, it fell a bit flat and felt a bit soulless.

Watch it if: You’re into that kind of thing.

Don’t watch it if: You’re not an anime fan or you’re new to anime.

4. Gypsy

worst netflix originals
Gypsy had an amazing cast, including the likes of Naomi Watts, but nothing seemed to actually goddamn happen in it. Image via Netflix.

Critic score: 24%

Audience score: 85%

Gypsy had an amazing cast, including the likes of Naomi Watts, but nothing seemed to actually goddamn happen in it.

Add to that the fact Watts' character was unrelatable and unlikable, and the whole series just felt flat.

Watch it if: You want something to fall asleep in front of on Boxing Day.

Don't watch it if: You haven't watched The Sinner yet. Watch that first.

3. Friends From College

Critic score: 23%

Audience score: 73%

Friends From College brought together some of the best actors in the biz - but they were forced to play self-absorbed, narcissistic a**sholes who should have stopped being friends years ago.

As the name suggests, the series follows a bunch of old friends from college as they navigate their careers and their relationships in their 40s.

Watch it if: You want something on in the background while you scroll through Instagram.

Don't watch it if: You're looking for a show in which you can actually root for any of the characters.

2. Disjointed

Critic score: 21%

Audience score: 74%

It's kind of like Netflix was heading towards another hit like Grace and Frankie and took a wrong turn and landed at Disjointed.

Disjointed is a comedy about weed that, well, ain't that funny.

Watch it if: You're a lil' stoned.

Don't watch it if: If already you've watched Weeds or Breaking Bad or any of the other many drugged-theme shows that are so much better than this.

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1. Marvel's Iron Fist

Critic score: 19%

Audience score: 76%

The audience loved this Marvel original but the critics thought it took everything that was good about the Marvel universe and kind of broke it.

Watch it if: You're a big Marvel fan.

Don't watch it if: You're not into Marvel or you're new to the Marvel universe.

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