The hidden Netflix codes that are instant shortcuts to the best movies.

Anyone who’s spent 45 minutes scrolling through Netflix’s home screen trying to find a movie to watch knows the very struggle of having too many choices.

Or maybe you feel like you’ve seen (or rejected) everything the streaming service has to offer.

Well, that’s where the handy Netflix codes come in. They’re perfect for when you know what type of entertainment you’re in the mood for and only want to watch movies or TV shows in that genre.

You can find a comprehensive list of Netflix codes here (as well as more detailed instructions on how to use them). But here are just a few that we’ve uncovered that result in entertainment gold.

Simply type in in your browser, add the number code in place of the XXXX, hit enter and enjoy.

Teen Screams – 52147

Type in “52147” and you’ll be met with an abundance of popcorn favourites perfect for when you’re in the mood for something more fun than scary.

Right now there’s high school nostalgia classics I Know What You Did Last Summer (starring 90s teen icons Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, and Freddie Prinze Jr), angsty witch flick The Craft, and spoof Scary Movie.

And some more modern films you may not have seen before will equally hit the spot, including Jennifer’s Body, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Netflix Original The Babysitter.

Tearjerkers – 6384

You know when you just feel like a good cry? Or more specifically, when you want to watch a well-made film that will warm your heart before it breaks it in a way that is still, somehow, uplifting?

Code “6384” is perfect for that.

This unlocks such “tearjerker” gems as The Notebook, PS I Love You and Finding Neverland. You’ll also find My Girl if you can handle it, as well as Nicholas Sparks’ The Best of Me, and historical drama The Butler.

Image: The Notebook

Mockumentaries - 26

Introducing the movie genre you didn't know you needed in your life. Andy Samberg's hilarious Popstar is among the gold on this page, as well as vampire parody What We Do In The Shadows, and the British version of The Office to binge.

Oh and there's also pretty much everything ever made by Chris Lilley, including arguably his best work, Summer Heights High.

B-Grade Horror - 8195

Sometimes you want a terrifying psychological thriller of a horror movie (and for that type in code 5505) - other times you just want some gore to switch off your brain and laugh at.

Unearth all the B-Grade horror Netflix has on offer with code "8195". That's where you'll find all five (yes, there are five) Sharknado movies.  At the moment, there's also the delightfully over-the-top Satanic starring Modern Family's Sarah Hyland.

Action Comedy - 43040

This is where you'll find all those movies that contain a mix of action and humour that are a great middle ground for couples and families.

Our picks include The Blues Brothers, The Lego Batman Movie, Tropic Thunder, Lethal Weapon 3, Spy Kids (as well as its sequels if you really want) and Ocean's 11. And if you ignored last year's hype and missed out on Okja, we recommend you give it a go.