Sarah Ferguson shares the Queen's hidden role in Princess Eugenie's wedding.

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We could be forgiven for thinking the Queen sits back now for family events and lets others take the reins.

But according to her ex-daughter-in-law, Sarah Ferguson, Queen Elizabeth played a significant role in the planning of Princess Eugenie’s wedding earlier this month.

In a chat to Hello! magazine about the royal wedding, Fergie gushed about the monarch.

“I cannot be more grateful to Eugenie’s grandmother for making this day so memorable,” she said.

“I am so grateful for all the hard work and kindness behind the scenes to make such a special day for our daughter.”

Fergie said the Queen played a big part in helping the day come together. Image: Getty

Ahead of the wedding, Prince Andrew explained to ITV's This Morning that it was in fact, his mother that insisted on Eugenie wedding Jack Brooksbank at one of the royal family's most prestigious churches, St George's Chapel.

"It doesn't make any difference who you are, all the approvals go through the Queen anyway," he told the hosts.

"The Queen very firmly said St George's is where you're having the wedding so I said aye aye mam, turn to the right, salute and carry on."

(Side note: That is probably the most British sentence we've ever heard.)

Perhaps the head of the royal family also wanted to disprove the idea she plays favourites with her grandchildren.

Many people suspect Prince Harry is the Queen's favourite grandchild. A theory strengthened when she gave him her blessing to marry divorcee Meghan Markle in May - a stark contrast to when she didn't attend Prince Charles' wedding to Camilla in 2005.