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"I feel super raw." Why Brooke is struggling to move on from The Bachelor.

On Wednesday night, Brooke left The Bachelor mansion.

The fan favourite decided to leave after an emotional conversation with the Honey Badger in which he said… nothing. 

Brooke asked Nick to give her some kind of reassurance that he had feelings for her and instead she got this…


The following night – in the finale episode – Nick decided to choose… no one.

Yep, after eight weeks of watching him say “hooroo to the duck poo” and “chitty bang bang bob’s your uncle” the  Honey Badger walked away single.

He really didn’t give the two finalists – Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman – much of an explanation.

Now Brooke has spoken to The Sunday Project’s Lisa Wilkinson about how that experience made her feel.

“He wasn’t giving me the certainty and reassurance that I needed,” she told Wilkinson.

“So why would I waste my time? I opened my heart, I opened my family’s heart to him.”

Honey Badger admitted to Wilkinson that Brooke could possibly be the “one that got away”.

“I think the eyes don’t lie. It’s all about timings and everyone’s life paths matching up for their someone to complete their mission here,” he said.


“She’s 23 years old, she needs her support base, she needs to live in Perth. I can leave it there… it’s bloody difficult.”

Brooke explained that the experience left her feeling very “raw”.

Brooke tears up on The Sunday Project…

“My whole life has just been exposed. Not just my love life but my family life and I feel super raw,” she said.

The 23-year-old said her feelings were never reciprocated by Nick and she wouldn’t be interested in rekindling their relationship.

“I wanted it to be worth it… with him,” she said.

“I definitely have a soft spot for Nick but I know that the relationship ended when it ended.”