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How Nick Cummins treated Brittany Hockley differently to the others after the finale ended.

Brittany Hockley had fallen in love with Nick Cummins.

Then – during Thursday night’s finale episode – the Honey Badger told the 30-year-old he wasn’t able to make a commitment to her.

She later found out that he wasn’t, erm, able to make a commitment to anyone.

Now Brittany has spoken to The Sunday Project’s Lisa Wilkinson about the fallout from that unexpected finale.

Brittany tears up on The Sunday Project…

“You don’t go to an all you can eat buffet when you’ve just had lunch, do you? You just don’t do it,” she cheekily told Wilkinson.

“I just thought everything that’s happened to me was for a reason and it was leading up to this moment.

“Nick was it.”

Speaking to Mamamia on Friday, Brittany said she hadn’t heard from Nick since filming the finale – but her brother had.


“He did reach out to a few of the girls at the start just to check in and say ‘are you okay?’” Brittany said.

“Unfortunately for me he didn’t feel like he could do that immediately for whatever reason, I’m not sure,” she explained.

She said Nick did send a message to her brother soon after the finale aired, who he had met at home visits in Brittany’s home town of Port Macquarie. But she was disappointed she didn’t hear from him directly “like the others” did.

“They obviously hit it off at the home towns and he [Nick] just said, ‘Heads up, it didn’t work out the way we thought and can you just look after Britt for me’,” Brittany said.

“In one way that was nice but I would have appreciated that call straight up like the others got.”

In a snippet from the promotional video that didn’t make the final cut for The Sunday Project interview, Brittany said she doesn’t understand the result.

“I don’t understand how we didn’t end up together,” she told Wilkinson.

Neither do we, Britt. Neither do we.