CULT BUY: The $20 makeup removing cloth that genuinely takes off mascara with just water.

Be honest. How often do you actually remove your makeup before going to bed?

I’m not talking about a quick splash of warm water or chucking your face under the shower head, but taking the time to properly slough off the layers of products that have been sitting on your face all day.

If you said ‘every night’, you’re either a skincare saint or a really good liar.

Even though magazines and beauty blogs have been pleading with us to take off our makeup before hitting the pillow for yonks, after a long day it can feel like a chore.

That’s why when the Original Makeup Eraser waltzed into my bathroom, I was equal parts excited and sceptical.

makeup eraser
makeup erasermakeup eraser
makeup eraser
Yep. It's literally a cloth. Images: Supplied.

Essentially, it's a rectangle-shaped cloth not unlike your gym towel or a bib. But it's not your run of the mill cloth, because it claims to remove 100 per cent of makeup with just water. Yep, just water.

No chemicals or products, just warm water on a pink piece of cloth. It seemed too simple, a sick practical joke.

To find out if the Makeup Eraser actually, well, erases makeup, I put it to the test on a full face of makeup, complete with mascara.

Here's how it scored.

How does the Makeup Eraser work?

According to the product's website, the key to the Makeup Eraser's success is in its patented fabric.

Hand sewn and dermatologist approved, the double-sided cloth is made up of ultra-soft, tightly packed threads that grip onto your makeup up and lift it from the skin. Rather than wiping away makeup like makeup remover wipes, the Makeup Eraser fibres bind to the makeup particles and whisks them away, kind of like how the mop at the drive-through car wash lifts the dirt off your car.

The cloth says it can remove all types of makeup from heavy duty stage foundations to waterproof eyeliner. Oh, it's also machine washable and will last for "hundreds of uses" over three to five years.


How to use the Makeup Eraser

This is the easy part.

Before you get started, the instructions recommend throwing your Makeup Eraser in the washing machine. Kind of like how you (should) wash new towels or bed sheets before using.

Next, drench one end of the cloth with warm water and squeeze lightly.

To remove makeup, rub the shorter side of the cloth in circular motions on your face. There's no need to apply force or use a scrubbing motion - if the cloth is wet enough, you'll see the makeup coming off.

Once you're done taking off your makeup, flip the cloth over and rub your face with the fluffier side to gently exfoliate the skin.

And that's it. Honest.

makeup eraser
Me BEFORE using the Makeup Eraser.
makeup eraser
Action shot.
makeup eraser
Oh... wow.
makeup eraser
Me after using the Makeup Remover on half of my mug.
makeup eraser
Me MAKEUP FREE. Images: Supplied.

Would I use the Makeup Eraser cloth again?


Part of the reason I avoid wearing eye makeup is because it's so darn hard to remove, but I was legitimately surprised at how easily the cloth removed my long-wearing mascara without a) leaving me with panda eyes and b) taking my lashes with it.

The cloth also feels gentler on the skin than I expected. Like shaving your legs with just water, I thought trying to wash my face without product would feel grippy and squeaky. For me, making sure the cloth was wet enough was the key. I also have sensitive skin and didn't experience any irritation.

It's important to note the Makeup Eraser cloth shouldn't replace your facial cleanser, as you still need that to thoroughly clean the skin post-makeup removal. But it can replace expensive makeup remover wipes that can be irritating and aren't so great for the environment.

As long as you commit to washing the cloth after every couple of uses (otherwise, think of it as washing your face with a dirty dish sponge), the Makeup Eraser cloth might just be the easiest way to remove your makeup every night like you're supposed to.

Maybe, just maybe, even when you're drunk too.

You can find the $20 Makeup Eraser over on Mamamia Shopping.

Have you tired the Makeup Eraser cloth, or one like it before? Do you find it works for you?