ROAD TEST: The glow-inducing skincare treatment that really does live up to the hype.

When you find a beauty product that smells like Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur, you kiss it gently on its lid and whisper sweet nothings to its shiny packaging all day long.

That’s basically how my first week with GLAMGLOW’s ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment has played out, anyway.

For those who don’t spend every spare minute watching beauty influencers on YouTube (I salute and envy you) GLAMGLOW is a skincare brand that has a cult-like following.

Founded by couple Glenn and Shannon Dellimore in 2010, the special goos and potions were originally formulated for Hollywood’s elite; a backstage vice to non-muggles who are expected to have glowing, perfect skin at all times.

Pretty quickly the word about celebrities’ skincare secret got out, and now GLAMGLOW is an expensive must-have for anyone who would rather spend their hard-earned cashola on a pore-refining treatment than a new handbag.

The brand’s products are pricey… but, you know, for a reason.


When I got my hot little hands on the ThirstyMud treatment, I was practically perspiring with excitement. Scooping out a GLAMGLOW concoction as a pre-makeup prep step is a ritual for many of the women I follow, so I was keen to see what all of the fuss is about.

This mask, which not only smells like whisky and cream but looks like it, promises to moisturise, replenish and soothe the skin for a radiant complexion. The deep and "extreme" hydration gives the skin's appearance and instant boost, but the company also pledges that regular use (two to three times a week) will have long-lasting benefits.

Yes, I'm wearing a sports bra. Yes, this is a judgement free zone.

It's not a mask because it doesn't sit on top of the skin. Instead, it's absorbed in; like a refreshing superfood juice for your face.

And boy did my skin drink with gusto.

While some reviews online comment on a tingling sensation, I didn't feel that at all. I felt a really pleasant cooling effect as the treatment did its thing.

The instructions on the ThirstyMud treatment give you the option of either leaving the product on, or gently wiping any excess off. As a woman who's both lazy and forgetful, I'm sure we all know what route I took.

In the hours after using the treatment, my skin had that just-got-a-facial glow.

A word of warning: If you are planning on applying makeup afterwards, I would recommend wiping the excess product off. When I went to apply my concealer it looked a little befuddled about what was going on underneath, but this was entirely my fault for living a fast and loose/lazy and forgetful lifestyle.

My thoughts? The GLAMGLOW ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment a really beautiful, replenishing treatment that is perfect for any woman who complains of dryness or dullness. Especially now that we're on the cusp of winter - and feeling the doom of yuck skin that comes with colder temperatures - this nifty guy will be a welcome addition to my routine.

Oh, it's also perfect for anyone who feels awkward about sniffing a bottle of Baileys at 7am in the morning.

While the RRP for the GLAMGLOW ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment is $86, you can buy it on Mamamia Shopping for $69.99.

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