The 7 commandments of organisation that we learnt (and will never forget) from Netflix's The Home Edit.

Ah, The Home Edit. 

The breath of fresh air that blessed 2020 and made us feel like we had some control amongst all the chaos. Even if that said control was simply labelling a designated box for scarves.

Not only did The Home Edit show us the inside of Reese Witherspoon's wardrobe and Khloe Kardashian's garage, but it also turned chaos into perfect order, right in front of our eyes - all in under 45 minutes.

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Video via Netflix.

I'd say it was about 20 minutes into episode three when the show entered my home. (Metaphorically, of course. Oh, how I wish hosts: Joanna and Clea entered my home.) 

Jessica, an event planner, showed us Joanna and Clea to her bedroom and it was a very familiar scene.

I understand this. Image: Netflix 


A 16-year-old pregnancy test is in her bedside table and I have no words. Image: Netflix. This was not a Reese Witherspoon-level of organising anymore. This was a normal person, and after seeing the finished product, I was ready to take these wonderful women's advice and put it to use.


Now, you may suspect that organising your wardrobe would be immeasurably different to organising say, your kitchen drawers or, I don't know, pantry. But the women at The Home Edit have developed a fool-proof method that you can use on any and all of your unorganised spaces. 

So, here's are all the golden nuggets of advice that I took from the show. Feel free to bookmark this page for when a bout of 'OH GOD I AM ON THE CUSP OF BEING A HORDER' comes at you out of the blue and you simply must organise.

1. Take it all out.

The first step can be... confronting.

You need to get all of your clutter out of its messy, yet contained space, and spread it all over your floor.

Bask in it for a moment. Maybe consider how so many things could fit in one kitchen draw.


You're ready for step two.

2. Declutter.

It's time to purge. 

Do you really need to keep a four-year-old *paid* parking fine? 

Get rid of all that unnecessary clutter that has absolutely built up over the years you've neglected to do this. 

I personally feel quite accomplished filling up a trash bag with empty cold and flu packets and the crumbs that somehow ended up in my bedside table. We're not talking about it, okay? That's not part of the process.

3. Categorise.

That's separating all the things. 

Your shoes do not belong in the same crowded corner of your wardrobe as your handbags, and there will be room to separate them after that wonderful purge you just did.

In The Home Edit, Joanna and Clea break down Reese Witherspoon's closet by categorising her different outfits. That included dedicated spaces for all of her award shows gowns, her Big Little Lies clothing, and a shrine to Legally Blonde and all its accessories.


Maybe for everyday people like the rest of us, this just means sorting our winter coats and swimsuits separately, but hey, if you want a Legally Blonde section of your closet too, be our guest. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And - make note of this, because you'll be needing it later - put your special items aside. 

This is because special items deserve special places. For example, if you live for a good coffee in the morning, you will be making an extra cozy place for your coffee things it in your kitchen. 

4. Contain.

This is where all the fun coordinated containers come into play.

There is something so sleek about using matching jars or tubs to contain all of your ~less aesthetic~ belongings and if you don't believe me, I dare you to take a look at this pantry and tell me otherwise.


Using containers will not only make your space a little prettier, but it will also make it more functional. 

I don't know why I hadn't considered using a Lazy Susan for my skincare products sooner, but it's an absolute game-changer.

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One final tip: Throw out all your mismatched hangers. They're cheap, and one variety will make all the aesthetic difference.

5. Label.

This is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a very important step.

Before you start stacking your beautiful new containers back where they belong, don't forget to label them! It will save a lot of rummaging later.

Now, one of the many things The Home Edit has down-pat is their gorgeous labelling, and if you want to look just like the pro's they have an online shop where they sell their clear stickers.


But, really any label will do.

You can take a permanent marker and write on your boxes or jars if you so desire. 

6. Accessorise.

At this stage, your space should be looking pretty lovely. 

But remember how we said to put those special items aside for later? Here's where they get their moment.


Your space should be somewhere you enjoy, so take whatever you like most about it and make special room for it.

Like this tea and coffee station:

Or maybe you're a gym buff?


So much functional, aesthetic order. 

7. Maintain.

Okay, so this part is arguably the least fun, but you do need to maintain your organisation system. It won't sit pretty with everyday use if you're not returning things to their proper place. 

Once you have your organisation system in place it should be easy, but a fortnightly declutter won't do any harm. 

Now, go forth and enjoy your new order. 

Thank you Joanna and Clea!

Feature Image: Instagram / @TheHomeEdit