The funniest Instagram dads to check out this weekend.

Nothing is sexier than a dad whose life is obviously family, but who trolls those he loves the most in the best possible way.

Actor Ryan Reynolds is one of the funniest, badass dads on Twitter, regularly taking the p*ss out of a family he adores.

While Reynolds nails fatherhood in 280 character tweets, on Instagram there’s a number of dads who deliver comedy gold in photographs. Here’s five of the best, guaranteed to warm your heart, and your ovaries.


Just a warning: you may snort-laugh, so be careful if drinking wine. #dontwastewine

1. Real American Dadass

This dad describes himself as “Dad to 4 pint-sized dictators. Follow along as my sanity slips through my fingertips…”

He’s cool. His humour is badass. And his Insta links to his kick-ass, all-too-relatable blog.


Meshel Laurie explains how to be less ‘busy’ almost instantly, and all the ways in which doing so will make you a better parent.

2. Lego Dad

Stepping on a piece of Lego may be more painful than giving birth, but this dad, known as Lego Dad, will rebuild your faith, one Lego meme at a time.

Amirite? #lego #legodad #kids #armless #help

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3. How to Dad

Viral sensation Jordan Watson has been making parents laugh with his hilarious videos on how to be a parent for a few years. The New Zealand father also has an Instagram, that’s a platform for photos of his funniest moments, and another way for you to catch his videos.


THIS DAD-THAT DAD: Holding a newborn #TagIt

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4. Got Toddlered

Mike Julianelle’s Instagram is an ode to the life you had B.C. – before children. The comedian takes aim at the appearance on himself, his wife, and home, comparing BC and AC versions of them all. Wine warning: you may a cry a little into your wine glass after you sort-splatter your sip on to your screen.


Somehow he looks happier holding the baby than he does holding the beer.

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5. Father of Daughters

Simon Hooper is a father of four daughters and in his book published this year, he says, “I’m the single male representative in a household of five women, or in other words, outnumbered.”

Hence the title of his 2018 book, Forever Outnumbered – based on his popular Instagram account, which has almost 800,000 followers.


Hooper’s charming family is on full display in every shot, and each post tells a heartwarming tale of a father who adores his daughters, and lives to make them happy – but whose gender is significantly under-represented in his home.

No this isn’t curling training – this is community service. If you live in this house there is one law that is etched into your grey matter at birth – if you make a mess, you are responsible for clearing it up. However this law (besides taking & not paying 5p for carrier bags) has to be the most commonly broken law ever. The problem is that the parenting police force is so depleted that offenders flee the scene before we get there, resulting in us throwing wild accusations in all directions under our breath while we once again picking crap off the floor. In most cases, no one is ever singled out in the police line up apart from good old Mr. Nobody (who should be doing back to back life sentences if he’s done half the stuff he’s been accused of) so they all leave, free to offend again. This time however, we caught the twins trashing the utility room & the judge (@mother_of_daughters ) & jury (me) showed little leniency, ending their crime spree in community service – I.e. 5 minutes of sweeping. It’s fun being a law maker. #youngoffenders #sweeptilyouweep #twinoffenders #ifoughtthelawbutthelawwon #communityservice #fatherofdaughters #fod #dadlife #instadad

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