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Welcome to the Fluff Files.

Here at Mamamia, we know we should be eating three meals a day, getting ourselves a decent dose of the green stuff, keeping those iron levels up and all of the rest… but you know what? Sometimes the truth is that your body actually NEEDS a king size crunchie bar. Not wants – needs. For balance. And fun.

The same rule goes for your internet consumption.

Through the Fluff Files we are going to make sure that your internet diet stays well balanced. Mamamia serves up the latest parenting issues, a different take on the political happenings in Canberra, news about the plight of women around the world. And we also give you a little fluff.

Because fluff can be a very important part of one’s day. When you’ve spent all week exhausting those brain cells, sometimes it can just be lovely to take a break and indulge yourself in some Real Housewives of Somewhere-or-Other or hear about Justin Timberlake’s wedding.

So here are the Fluff Files – a place to visit when you need that daily dose of Happy Fluff Fun Times. We don’t do snarky gossip, we don’t do dumb rumours and we don’t do smut. But we will bring you some weird and wonderful red carpet outfits, the latest in (confirmed) celebrity news – whether it be babies, weddings or engagements.

Let’s get started.

1. Miranda’s turning Japanese. 

It’s Miranda Kerr. Dressed as a yellow Santa Claus… in a Japanese ad for Lipton. If that doesn’t make much sense to you, don’t worry because we struggled too. Just watch. And try not to get the song stuck in your head:

Miranda has also recently posed for Harper’s Bazaar wearing nothing but a pair of thigh-high leather boots. The racy photoshoot has attracted quite a bit of commentary – everyone seems particularly confused about how the organic earth mother can feel comfortable about stripping off for Terry Richardson photoshoots.

This from Susie O’Brien’s column:

At the end of the day, Kerr is a model paid to put on clothes – or in this case, take them off – for a range of clients.

It’s a reminder that fashion models can never be good role models for our kids, however sweet and nice they are. When you are a fashion model, all that really matters is how you look.

And that’s hardly a message we want our young girls and teenagers to live by.

We want them to judge themselves – and each other – by their achievements, their personalities, their relationships, and not just how good they look wearing Jimmy Choos and nothing else.

…Kerr is certainly working hard to establish herself as a worthy role model to young women. She’s released a book, Treasure Yourself, has an organic skin care range and tweets pictures of the “freshly-baked gluten-free muffins with chia seeds” she’s just whipped up.

But in my eyes, her work as a model is the antithesis of all of this homegrown inner health.

As a model, she’s just paid to use her undeniable physical perfection – unattainable by 99.99 per cent of the population – to promote and sell products. The rest is just window dressing.

Does a woman who is really only famous because of how perfect her body and face are deserve all this adoration? I’d suggest not.

2. Jennifer Hawkins goes pink. 

Didn’t you hear? Pink is the new blonde. At least that’s what Jennifer Hawkins has decided. She debuted her new dip-dyed hair runway for the Bendon at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney last night.

We’re a little bit in love:

You can check out our post on coloured hair and hair feathers here.

3. Guess who’s engaged?

Avril Lavigne! And she’s engaged to someone that nobody even knew she was dating – Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger. According to People, they’ve been dating for six months and he popped the question at the beginning of August with a 14-carat diamond ring. This will be the second marriage for 27-year-old Avril, who split from first husband Deryck Whibley (lead singer and guitarist for band Sum 41) in 2009.


Avril tweeted this picture of her and 37-year-old Chad in February, revealing that they were collaborating on her new album:

4. Best of the red carpet. 

The best looks from red carpets all over the world this week.

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