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Well. Love Island UK nearly broke the internet after Curtis confessed he loves "the eagle".

Just when we thought we were *relatively* well-versed when it came to the various sex positions out there, a Love Island UK contestant has gone and thrown a spanner in the works.

Well, an “eagle”, to be more precise, and we mean it quite literally. His sex confession actually broke a website.

During tonight’s episode, a cast member admitted “the eagle” was his favourite sex position, and people (including us) had no bloody idea what he was on about.

Watch the Love Island season 5 trailer below. Post continues after.

As it turns out, it doesn’t involve swooping down on your partner, picking them up in your talons and squawking as you fly off into the distance which is… good. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s actually a lot like missionary but with the woman’s legs up.

Here is a handy diagram courtesy of Twitter:



We weren’t aware that had a name. Good to know.

The sex education lesson for the entirety of the Love Island UK watching world went down during a traditional game of “Sliding Into the DMs”, which saw each person slide down into pink slime before picking up a DM from the bottom of the slide’s pool, obviously.

Islanders were then tasked with guessing which DM belonged to who.

When contestant Amber Gill completed the challenge and found a DM which read, “My favourite sex position is the Eagle,” she correctly guessed it was Curtis Pritchard’s.


This guy:

What is this "Eagle" you speak of, sir?

But during the episode, precisely everyone watching immediately flocked (ha) to the internet as they realised they, like us, had no clue what it meant and felt completely out of touch with the ~lingo~.


But during the frenzy, a number of sex position websites on the first page of Google crashed due to the sheer volume of traffic.

No, really:




And who said reality television wasn't educational?

Love Island UK is available to watch on 9 Now.