Safe, comfortable and orgasmic: 7 of the best pregnant sex positions.

Let's talk about sex while pregnant. Because, let's be honest, not enough of us are. 

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it can also be incredible tumultuous as well. All the physical changes we experience (which, spoiler alert, is a LOT) can also mean the way we have sex has to shift a smidge. 

That doesn't mean it is a time to worry - no, buddy! In fact, there are so many intimate and fulfilling sex positions to enjoy (and try out for the first time if you haven't already). 

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It's worth nothing that sex during pregnancy is a generally safe practice. Unless your healthcare provider has explicitly told you otherwise, there are plenty of incredible reasons to have some sexy time during your pregnancy. 

There's also a higher chance many women will experience sensitive breasts, stronger orgasms and more natural lubrication, thanks to increased oestrogen. Cheers hormones!

While pregnancy sex can relieve stress, reduce pain, heighten your serotonin levels and help you to sleep better, it is also important to remain mindful as your body is likely less flexible and more susceptible to injury. 


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For many women, it is crucial to choose positions that minimise stress on your belly and joints. It's also important to note that once you reach 20 weeks, don't lie flat on your back as an enlarged uterus puts pressure on your aorta - which can compromise blood flow to the placenta. 

With that being said, pregnancy is a great time to explore and rely on different parts of your body to feel and increase pleasure.

Here are seven sex positions that have been deemed safe, comfortable, and orgasmic by experts and expecting parents alike.

1. Don't underestimate mutual masturbation.

Image: Kinkly / Mamamia. Mutual masturbation is an often overlooked form of partnered pleasure, but it's super intimate and often extremely hot! The rules are simple: get comfy and get to it. 


Bonus: watching each other masturbate teaches you more about how to touch each other. 

"I found oral sex and hand jobs still fun. I had a really high sex drive for my first pregnancy and I would often take care of myself."

2. The couch is your best friend.

Image: Kinkly / Mamamia. Furniture and pillows are a great way to keep pregnant bodies comfortable. For this position, the pregnant partner can kneel on the ground, facing the cushions of a couch and then bend forward, resting her upper body on the cushions. 


There are lots of options here, so move around to get comfortable! Try kneeling on cushions as well for extra support.

Couch height doesn't work? Stack pillows on the ground (or the couch).

3. Everyone loves (gentle) doggy style. 

Image: Kinkly / Mamamia. This fun, simple sex position works just fine during pregnancy too. 


If a big belly makes kneeling like this uncomfortable, try dropping down to the elbows and using pillows or a sex wedge for support.

4. Try the Golden Gate position for extra stimulation.

Image: Kinkly / Mamamia. Strong legs and core are important during pregnancy, and this position will provide a bit of a workout. It's pretty intense, though, so you may need to use it sparingly and switch things up.


"Sex during pregnancy was the best! Unprotected sex whenever you wanted; no pressure, no timing, no contraception because you can’t get more pregnant!"

5. Bring in an exercise ball for the Swiss Ball Blitz position.

Image: Kinkly / Mamamia. Have an exercise ball lying around? Don't just use it to ease labour pains, have some fun on it! The Swiss Ball Blitz sex position allows for deep penetration, similar to doggy style, but keeps the pregnant partner in control. Plus, both partners' hands are free to roam over genitals, breasts, and more.


Rock, bounce, arch your back, and move in any other way that feels comfortable and isn't too taxing!

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6. Try it before you judge it: The Sexy Avocado.

Image: Kinkly / Mamamia. Like Hooked In, the Sexy Avocado is a hot, interlocked, skin-to-skin position.


Once hooked in, bodies are pressed tightly together, and the penetrating partner's hands are free to roam over the breasts, clitoris, and the belly.

7. Ladle of Love position is as good as it sounds.

Image: Kinkly / Mamamia. In this variation on spooning, the penetrating partner holds the receiving partner's thigh for support. This lets the receiving partner use a vibrator for added pleasure. Pillows can be used for extra support and comfort.


This gentle, intimate position can be used for either vaginal or anal intercourse. It's perfect for easing into anal penetration or stimulating the G-spot. It also makes stimulating the genitals of the receiving partners much easier.

Every body and every pregnancy is different. The trimester you're in, your physical health and flexibility prior to getting pregnant, and how you feel during pregnancy will determine which of these positions is the most pleasurable to you. Use them as inspiration to explore and keep the communication with your partner open to ensure sexual bliss all pregnancy long!

This article originally appeared on Kinkly and was uploaded on December 22, 2017. It was updated on January 24, 2022.

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