The true story behind Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God, the latest unhinged true crime docuseries.

A new documentary that's just hit Binge will have you saying 'Sorry, what?' roughly every 10 seconds.

Amy Carlson was the leader of the Love Has Won cult, who led her followers to believe she was the incarnation of a deity-like saviour called Mother God. 

The former McDonald's manager founded the cult in 2006, and by 2021, police discovered her enshrined and mummified corpse inside a Colorado home.

Her body was found decorated with flowers and Christmas lights.

This is where Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God begins, as the new three-part documentary explores the origins of the cult, who Carlson was, and what led to her death at just 45 years old. 

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The true story that inspired Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God.

Amy Carlson started out as a McDonald’s supervisor and grew up in a typical middle-class family in Texas. 

Carlson was living with her three kids in 2012 when she met a man online. She would go on to abruptly leave her family, move to Crestone, Colorado, and adopt the moniker her new boyfriend bestowed on her: Mother God. 


The Crestone area is a spiritual place known for attracting new-age thinkers and people searching for a higher purpose. 

Amy's first boyfriend referred to himself as Father God, but she would go on to have many more partners whom she also referred to as Father God.  

Carlson as Mother God started posting her manifestos on YouTube, her website and online chat rooms, with her early followers identifying as the Galactic Federation of Light.

Carlson claimed to be 19 billion years old, and once lived as Jesus, Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, and Joan of Arc. The religion listed several spiritual ambassadors which included deceased celebrities like Robin Williams, John Lennon, and Michael Jackson. 

Image: Netflix. 


The cult took a more chaotic turn when Jason Castillo came into the picture as the latest Father God and the group rebranded as Love Has Won.

The couple moved their home base to a rental home in the rural town of Moffat where followers moved in and would livestream videos from the house. 

In the videos, Carlson exhibited increasingly worrying behaviour. 

In one livestream, Carlson berates a follower for not bringing her chicken parmesan for dinner, as she and Castillo were heard swearing at and threatening the man. 

“My vision was chicken parmesan,” Carlson yells. “So the (expletive) atoms turn around on me and get me meatballs. I didn’t say meatballs. I love meatballs, but I didn’t (expletive) say that. Chicken parmesan!”

Aside from her spiritual teachings, Amy spent her days either high, medicated or drunk, considering drugs and alcohol to be her medicine. 

She also drank colloidal silver daily which she believed had healing qualities. 


The result of Amy Carlson's colloidal silver ingestion. Image: Netflix.

In the years leading up to her death, Carlson appeared increasingly frail in videos, as her followers had to carry her from chairs and to bed.

Then in 2021, Saguache County Sheriff's deputies were called to a home in southern Colorado. Inside the home, Carlson's mummified body was discovered in a grotesque state.  


According to the arrest affidavits, “the mummified remains appeared to be set up in some type of shrine.”

Mother God's face was slathered in foundation, blush and glitter eyeshadow and her eyes were missing, which was later discovered to be a response to severe decomposition. 

She was found with a colourful fleece shawl draped around her shoulders, wearing two pairs of fluffy socks, with a “crown” headband on her head. 

Her body was surrounded by Christmas lights, flowers, along with eight small bottles with the words “colloidal” written on them.

The Love Has Won believers thought her body would be collected by a UFO. 

Despite her followers claiming that Carlson died from divine intervention, the autopsy found that she died as a result of alcohol abuse, anorexia and chronic colloidal silver ingestion.

After the discovery of her body, seven followers were taken into custody for suspicion of abuse of a corpse but the charges were later dropped. 

The first two episodes of Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God can be streamed on Binge.

Feature image: Binge. 

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