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'Game on moles.' Everything we know about The Block's beef between Steph, Leah and Kristy.

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The entirety of Australia is watching The Block right now. 

And all anyone can talk about is the feud unfolding between contestants Kristy, Leah and Steph. 

Right now, we're in Week 2 of The Blockbut the drama erupted from the first week. 

For those who haven't caught up yet, here is everything you need to know about the divide between houses including a major lie, a body corporate meeting and several accusations. 

Kristy is caught out in a lie. 

On August 8, The Block's Kristy was taught a valuable lesson in taking note of your surroundings. 

Like for instance, making sure there are not 8-10 cameras pointing in your direction. 

Because on August 8, she was filmed telling a lie, multiple times, about her fellow renovator Steph. 

Watch the moment here. Post continues after video. 

Video via Nine.

During the episode, Kristy approached Leslie for help for what was once Steph and Gian's challenge room but turned into Leslie and Kyle's house after the House Decider challenger was over (we know it's confusing — stay with us). 


"I am trying to order this bedhead," she informs Leslie, before sharing in a confessional that she plans to offer a "discounted amount" to the Blockhead for it. 

To keep it fair, she asked Steph how much the bedhead would cost, but claimed the contestant refused to tell her. 

"She wouldn't tell me how much she paid," she later tells Leah. "She wouldn't give me anything. She just said 'You would never be able to get it' because it was on sale and I go, 'I don't care that it was on sale but what was it?'"

Leah, shocked, asks, "Why is it a secret what she paid for it? I don't understand that. I would tell anyone what I paid for something."

Kristy tells Leah Steph refused to tell her where she got her bedhead from, which was a lie. Image: Nine.


Things become even more tense when Kristy suggests there are "two different versions of Steph".

"One is on camera and one is off camera and it's very different conversation you're having at both points," she says. 

Seconds later, we find out she is lying because The Block records... literally everything. 

"That green bed in your challenge room, where did you get it from?" Kristy asks, gruffly. 

"RJ Living," Steph responds. 

"What did you pay for it?" Kristy follows, to which Steph cheerfully replies "I think it's about $700... I hope you use it!"

"I was happy to tell her," Steph later said during a confessional. "But if she wants it, that's great! That's a compliment."

Neither Leah nor Kristy followed up with Steph. 


Leah accuses Steph of trying to steal her real estate agents... and her stonemaker. 

Since both the Blockheads are convinced Steph is out to get them, tiny moments of confusion — which could be cleared up with a simple conversation — become drama instead. 

For example, Leah and Ash accusing Steph and Gian of trying to nab their real estate agents. 

Except, what they don't know is, the pair has already locked in another agency two days before. 

"It was only the night before that I told Steph I was using Lana from WhiteFox [real estate agents]," she explains. "Then Ash saw Lana meet with Gian and Steph [and] and shook hands."

And to Leah and Ash, this looked like sabotage. 

"I don't know whether they were just like looking [at their house] but it looked like a formal [meeting]," Ash says. 

Except it's not sabotage. It was merely an opportunity for the pair to talk to a former contestant.

"We had no meeting with them," Steph clarifies. "We just saw him as a previous The Block contestant." 

However, there has been no conversation to clear up any confusion. Instead, Leah told Kristy about her woes.

"The dots are not connecting and I'm finding it hard to read her and also how to trust her," says Leah during a confessional before telling Kristy, "I'm honestly shocked about the real estate thing."


"I'm not," responds Kristy. 

"Now that I think about it, we're sat in our room last night talking about WHITEFOX and not a blink of an eye [from Steph]... f**king snakes." Leah continues. 

"She's gone, 'I'm gonna take Leah's agent.' Cool, I'm gonna take you down. Game on, moles." 

The divide deepens in the next episode when Leah catches Steph talking to her stonemaker — believing she is trying to steal her tradies. 

After having to let go of her builders, Leah notices "Steph was very upset."

"Of course, we don't like seeing anyone upset," she says. "What can we do? How can we help you? [We're] trying to help her through that decision."

Leah continues, "Obviously, that offer of help wasn't enough because then my stone lady — who I hustled, hustled, hustled to find — calls me and goes, 'Look I just wanna let you know Steph hit me up as I was walking out, asked me for builder's contacts and also asked me about my business'. 

"You don't go to other home's special trades to kind of, even discuss things with them. This is weird."

The footage shown is unclear, but we do see Steph looking at files in the stonemaker's hands and smiling while she says, "You can't show me?". 

Steph asks about the files in the stonemaker's hands. Image: Nine.


We don't know if she's joking — Leah doesn't ask for clarification. 

"Even the lady who I am going to be using and sharing a lot of my design details with can't trust her or I can't trust the person sleeping in my backyard," Leah says. "That's what I said last night to Kristy."

During one of their many gossip sessions, Leah tells Kristy, "She's so hard to read. I don't know if she's dumb and innocent or smart and sneaky... I've tried my hardest to give her the benefit of the doubt all the time." 


Ash adds in his two cents by hypothesising she won't be here by the end of Week 12. 

"I don't think she can handle it," he says. 

Just so we're clear: Steph and Gian's only mishap is picking a builder they cannot rely on.

Leah and Ash take issue with Steph's father being on The Block.

After having to fire their builders, Steph's father Nick, who is in town to visit his daughter and son-in-law, notices they are nowhere near finishing. 

As a builder, he appears to help the Blockheads to finish their bathroom. 

Leah and Ash are understandably confused: they want to know if he is getting paid for his labour and whether he is inducted, which are the rules that must be adhered to for labourers on The Block.

"We went to bed at midnight and he was still on site," says Leah before Ash jumps in, "I did see him in there measuring things with a tape... doing some work."

For the first time, the pair decide to confront Steph and Gian in a body corporate. 

Leah and Ash target Steph and Gian at a body corporate.

On Monday night's episode, Ash calls a body corporate to talk about Steph's dad working on-site for Steph and Gian while allegedly not getting paid or inducted. 

"I don't want it to happen again next week because I just feel like it wasn't, wasn't really fair," says Ash. 

"And what I'm talking about was [Steph] your dad was there... I feel like he was doing work in your house."


The body corporate meeting went... as well as one might expect. Image: Nine.

In particular, Steph feels she is being attacked.

"I felt slightly relieved to be honest because I knew people were talking about us and I didn't really understand why," she says. "So I was like, 'Oh okay! I get it now. Talk to me, what's up?' It didn't need to be like that."


During the body corporate, Gian makes it clear Nick was not inducted and hadn't been paid, but Steph clarifies she will. 

"As you know, we just lost our builder," Steph adds. To this, Leah clarifies that they actually fired their builder but still had "access" to them. 

"I just don't want that to be the excuse that we're now [using] to bend the rules," Leah says. 

"I didn't realise I was bending the rules," says Steph, who adds that she didn't see her father's input as an advantage because they knew they wouldn't win, but wanted to present a finished bathroom.

Leah during the body corporate. Image: Nine.


The excuse doesn't fly with Leah, who says, "We just signed contracts three days ago. Must be inducted and must pay. I love that you guys are paying your dad... that's great, but what about the induction? Things have gotta be safe."

In a confessional, Steph responded to the drama that unfolded. "Leah was really angry," she said. "We're sorry we offended her but it's not like we won the room because Dad helped. We came last."  

Steph and Gian promise to pay her father and that next time, he will be inducted.

But the body corporate leaves a bad taste in some of the contestants' mouths, particularly Kyle who thinks Leah is taking over the conversation.

While talking away from the body corporate, Kyle made his feelings known. 

"I think that some people think that they're running the whole site. Everybody that said something contradictory to what she was going to say, she shouted over the top of them."

Feature Image: Nine. 

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