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winter_jefferson January 24, 2023

Abigail is a 3 way relationship as well. But it wouldn't be hard to love Minnie. 

winter_jefferson November 10, 2022

"While we're unsure whether it was meant to poke fun at the couple or a harmless coincidence, the pair have yet to say anything about the situation."
It was co-incidence, Adrian admitted on the insta post and Tom commented underneath laughing. 

winter_jefferson November 7, 2022

@janeepauli best of luck and stay safe! Check the resources available to you and take advantage of them. 

winter_jefferson September 24, 2021

Oh man, I know number 2 was included to make a point, but y'all need "what three words" on your phones. It's magic; provides a vocab grid reference for every 3 metres in the world and it's perfect for finding your friends in a crowd, or remembering whjere you parked the car. Plus; it's invaluable if you're ever in an emergency situation where search and rescue might be needed. 

winter_jefferson March 1, 2021

There's a terrific free family shopping app named BRING that does the same as the shared note hack. The extra benefit of this is that is available on iOS as well as Droid, so the outliers in the family who don't use iPhones can also join in and add things.  There's also a Windows app that you can install so you can refer to your list easily if doing an online shop. 

winter_jefferson February 13, 2021

I'm really surprised you didn't mention Broken Heart Syndrome. Breakups have the ability to cause actual damage to the heart short term - an enlargement which puts you at risk of the normal heart functions being interrupted. 

winter_jefferson July 30, 2020

What's so achingly disappointing about this is in just November gone we were celebrating these men for breaking the toxic masculinity mould.

Guess they either hid it well, or got a hero edit they didn't deserve. 

Winter Jefferson October 19, 2019

Thanks so much for this article! From the title I expected it to be derisive, and was so thrilled to see it was anything but.

This is something that's very near and dear to my heart - the outwards expression of men's modern clothing reflecting the shift in attitudes towards defining what a man is in 2019.

Winter Jefferson September 30, 2019

After watcing tonight's ep I'm 97% sure that Robot is Johnny Ruffo. The clues add up, even the somewhat gutwrenching one about how sometimes his head "has glitches."

Winter Jefferson August 9, 2019

Commenting my two cents, feel free to dismiss it!

I think it would be important to find out if its a genuine fetish or just a kink. Kink means he's into it and it's outside the generally accepted sexual proclivities. If it's a fetish, it means he's literally unable to be aroused and perform sexually without this particular set of conditions.

If you've been with him sexually okay so far it's a safe guess to assume its just a kink. You don't have to take these on as part of your relationship unless you wish toexplore after talking about it. If its a genuine fetish then ... pretty much a case of if you want to be with him in a physical relationship, you'd need to be aware.

So dealbreaker or not time. Either way have the talk and see how you both feel.

Winter Jefferson July 25, 2019

8. Kate's story about why she doesn't celebrate Christmas. Actually make that reasons 9, 10 and 11 too.

Winter Jefferson July 8, 2019

Hi - small correction to your article to do justice to what a wordsmith Alex is, as well as a fierce ninja champion. He said "I have very high aspirations but low expectations."

Winter Jefferson June 23, 2019

I'm a dad, not a mum - but I can tell you that oh my GOD BUY THE BEST THERMOMETER YOU CAN AFFORD. The type they use in clinics with just a few seconds in the outer ear are just over a hundred dollars and they are a worthwhile investment; especially in the earlier, squirmy years. Even now when we take our teenaged children to the doctor we get asked if they've been running fevers, what their temperature has been the last few days etc.

It may seem like a lot of money when you can pick up electronic thermometers for as little as $20 but those don't last and you try keeping one under the tongue of an infant for the requisite 60 seconds. I stumped up for a decent one after multiple broken cheapies and haven't looked back.

Winter Jefferson June 19, 2019

It sounds like you have a good, balanced life and that your kids aren't missing out on anything. You can always bump your savings up after you've paid off the house - great prioritising!

Winter Jefferson January 7, 2019

Let's also celebrate that Cody Fern is a West Aussie boy slaying it in Hollywood.

Winter Jefferson December 10, 2018

Could we not celebrate this man please? It seems to go against the core of what this website was founded upon.

Winter Jefferson December 3, 2018

Why not? It's nice to get good news once in awhile, after the cavalcade of horror that usually gets thrown at us via the media.

Winter Jefferson November 25, 2018

Please don't think I'm attacking you in any way with this Tracey but I'm curious and hope you don't mind my asking. If you hate the name Tony because of associations with it - which I respect - how did you end up with Anthony?

Is it a family name on his father's side? I have an Anthony in my family too and he is forever Tony to everyone so it seems as if its naturally going to happen at some point.

Winter Jefferson November 23, 2018

Don't stress about this particular scenario Kelly. They now give both the parents and kids advance warning that they'll receive an honour certificate when there's several that share the same name. Signed, the father of one of 5 Connors in his CLASSROOM alone a few years ago.

Winter Jefferson November 22, 2018

You win