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Of course Carlin is on The Bachelorette for fame. But I don't see the problem.

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Admittedly, I haven’t really listened to much of what Carlin’s had to say this season. There are a few reasons for this:

a) He’s distractingly good looking.

b) He doesn’t seem to speak all that much.

c) His face allows him to get away with that.

Carlin talking
Also his muscles.

But last night, something happened that made me sit up and take notice.

All of Australia became very shocked and outraged when Carlin's softly spoken brother admitted that an actor. Focused on pursuing his acting career.

Carlin's brother
Angie Bachelorette.
But he said he was a Fitness Trainer.

Then, Angie confronted Carlin for maybe being an actor and using his reality TV casting to further his acting career.

AKA, she asked him if he was there "for the right reasons".

To which Carlin quite significantly responded: "I could look at you and think, two shows under your belt, there's no way in hell you'd be here for love."


BOOM Carlin.

The thing is, I was scrolling through the guy's Instagram during the ad break (as you do) and every single photo is of Carlin. Carlin at the gym. Carlin on the beach. Carlin being a model. Carlin walking along the street on his phone while being a model.

It is highly likely Carlin was plucked from social media (or a modelling agency) to appear on this season and vie for Angie's heart.

So I'm just going to say it because no one else is: OF COURSE he's on the show to boost his profile. And possibly find love in the process. The odds going in were 1:24, so he can't have been that confident from the outset he would walk away with Angie in the end. He's not Jamie.

Did Carlin want to be The Bachelor 2020 before he met Angie and formed a connection?

Probably. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Has he changed his mind about wanting to be famous since developing feelings for famous person Angie?

Probably not.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But more to the point, since when are fame and love mutually exclusive?

Are the contestants supposed to turn away masses of followers and potential endorsements and lead roles on Neighbours and Home and Away because they're blind to all that trivial nonsense in the face of real love?


NO. Because that's unrealistic.

We need to stop questioning if people have 'the right reasons' for going on reality TV. It's not even a valid question anymore.

Matty J went on TV and ended up with not only the love of his life and a baby, but a burgeoning career in radio and television.

Laura Byrne, Matty's fiancé, is continuing to run her business as well as writing/podcasting prolifically and seems to be loving it sick.


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Georgia Love was a little-known news reporter in Tasmania before she became the Bachelorette, now she's on a major network and doing her thing being an ambassador.

Personal trainer Sam Wood found his partner and baby mumma Snezana on the show, and the two run successful fitness program 28 by Sam Wood.


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Tim Robards is on Neighbours.

Anna Heinrich is on Trial By Kyle.

Sam Frost is on Home and Away.

Guys, it's an outrage!

How very dare they leverage their newfound fame for lucrative career pursuits!

Of course, this effect can be seen from myriad other reality programs but I don't have the time nor energy to go into those examples. I'll just say Big Brother and leave it at that.

I'd actually be more inclined to question the motives of those who DON'T go on this show to use it in their own interest.

Jamie Bachelorette
Only here for Angie and NOTHING ELSE EVER.

So let's all just accept that most people who go on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette are probably a little bit "ingenuine."

Do you agree it's time to question 'the right reasons' for going on a TV show to find love? Share your thoughts in the comments.