The Bachelorette just took slut-shaming to whole new level.

Introducing: one of the world’s premier dickheads, Ian.
This season of the US’s The Bachelorette has been a huge clusterf*ck of sexism and slut-shaming.

The show’s supposed to turn the tables on The Bachelor – to let the girls pick and choose among the men – but it’s proven that apparently, the world’s not really ready for that.

This season’s “lucky” bachelorette is Kaitlyn Bristowe, a funny, sassy, and of course, gorgeous young woman. What is she doing here?

Kaitlyn Bristowe has had a rough time of it on The Bachelorette.

Right from the beginning, the show’s been tipped in favour of the dudes.

First, it began with TWO bachelorettes and had the male suitors vote for the one they most wanted, sending one of them home in tears.

Following on from that humiliation, the lucky winner of that popularity contest, Bristowe, was been slut-shamed for sleeping with one of the men “too soon.”

The latest example of rampant sexism?

One epic douche called Ian.

ian 1
Ian loves himself sick. He is a catch, and if the ladies don’t recognise it, it’s because they’re big slut-bags. Image via Twitter.

“If one of these lames is better than me, then just pick one of the lames. Like, I bring so much more to the table than any of these guys here. I have a good job, good education, charisma, brains, looks,” he said, modestly.

“I don’t understand why Kaitlyn wouldn’t want a Princeton graduate, former model that defied death and has been around the world a couple of times.”

Oh, no, can’t think of a single reason.

“I am an enigma and who I am is a gift that you unwrap for life.” LOL.

Ian tells Kaitlyn his thoughts; she realises she’s made a huge, huge mistake letting him get this far.

Anyway, it got a whole lot worse.

As the pair sat chatting, he told her how he really felt.

“And it’s tough for me, because I came here to meet the girl that had her heart broken and was devastated by Chris Soules, not the girl who wanted to get her field ploughed by Chris,” he actually said. Actually said those words.

If you don’t believe me, just watch:

“I feel like I’ve found that you’re still that girl and I feel you are here to make out with a bunch of dudes on TV… I really see you as a surface level person at this stage. I wonder if you’re really that shallow, because I don’t see anything beyond the surface.”

Poor little guy doesn’t like having to compete with other guys for a girl’s attention. Well, there’s obviously something wrong with her.

Ian fancies himself The Bachelor material.

“I think if I was on the other side of the coin, that if I had 25 options, that’s something that could work out for me.”


I got nothing. Neither did Ian.

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