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Nick Cummins has hinted that Brooke was the "one that got away".


Last Thursday night every woman and Wallabies fan sat down in front of the telly to see whether Nick Cummins would choose Sophie Tieman or Brittany Hockley in The Bachelor finale.

As Brittany walked onto the New Caledonian island moments after Sophie’s rejection, everyone was happy for her.

Until he didn’t choose her… either.

Okay. Ouch. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As Sophie and Brittany did media rounds last Friday, the Honey Badger was happily hiking the Kokoda track.

“It is hard knowing he isn’t here,” Sophie told the Daily Telegraph’s Confidential on Friday. “He has chosen not to be here, he’s off gallivanting the world.”


Now the Honey Badger has opened up in an exclusive interview with Lisa Wilkinson on The Sunday Project.

“Some would say, yeah, too fussy,” he told Wilkinson.

When asked at what point during the season he knew he would pick no one, he said it hit him suddenly.

“It hit me with a thunderbolt… out of respect to these women if I can’t stand here right now and say ‘I’m picking her and I love her’, if I can’t say that why would I start something with someone,” he said.

“You can think you know what you want then someone comes into your life and your view of what you thought you wanted can be blown completely out the window,” Cummins told The Sunday Project.


“Why would I go in and start something that has a high potential to three months down the track be breaking her heart, I’d rather make a very hard decision then at that point.”

When asked about his special relationship with Brooke, Cummins was caught off guard.

“I think the eyes don’t lie. It’s all about timing and everyone’s life paths matching up for everyone to complete their mission here,” he said.

“I wasn’t going to force that type of thing. She’s 23 years old. She needs that support base, she lives in Perth. I can leave it there, it’s bloody difficult, and it was and it hurt, but it is what it is,” he told Wilkinson.

When Wilkinson asked whether Brooke was “the one that got away” – Nick said yes.

“The one that got away, look yeah, it was something left unsaid, there was a lot of emotions swirling around… she got away on that regard but I wouldn’t change it because I want what’s best for her,” he said.

Lisa Wilkinson then asked whether the Honey Badger would do anything differently.

He said… no.

“No as far as I can control, I wouldn’t do anything differently. From what was in my grasp, I’m happy.”

That… sounds a lot like you loved Brooke. But she left. And that was not in your control. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯