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All The Bachelor 2020 contestants (and where to follow them on Instagram).

The drama might still be settling from Bachelor in Paradise but now a new reality TV show is here to take over lives (and Instagram feeds) for the foreseeable future. 

Yep, we're talking about Locky Gilbert's season of The Bachelor, which officially kicks off tomorrow night on Channel 10.

And if the show's video promos are anything to go by, this season will be full of drama, romance and a bunch of awkward zoom dates. 

Watch: What to expect from Locky's season of The Bachelor. Post continues below. 

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Ahead of tomorrow night's premiere, we decided to take a look at the 23 women vying for Locky's heart. 


Here's a list of this year's contestants and (more importantly) where to find them on Instagram.

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Rosemary, 23, QLD.

By now you all would have met Rosemary in the show's promo videos. She's the one who rocks up in the very impressive penguin outfit.

"I see you got the penguin suit memo!" the 23-year-old retail manager tells Locky as she meets him for the first time.


Steph, 26, VIC.

Steph is a special needs teacher from Victoria who strikes up a conversation with Locky about burritos... because why not? Alas, she ends up discovering that he isn't a fan of jalapeños or chipotle sauce.

"We can work this out!" Locky responds.


Bella, 25, NSW.

During her entrance on the show, marketing consultant Bella pins a heart on his sleeve so Locky can "always remember to wear your heart on your sleeve."


Irena, 30, VIC.

Irena is a nurse from Victoria who rocks up to the mansion with a stethoscope to check Locky's heart.

Nicole, 26, NSW. 

Dancer Nicole is shown jumping into Locky's arms in one of the show's promo videos... and we can't blame her. 


She seems to make a good impression too. "Nicole has a lot of energy and that's someone I want to be around," Locky says.

Areeba, 25, NSW.

Areeba is a home loan officer who describes herself as a "boss at home", "boss at work" and "a boss with my relationships."

Laura, 24, WA.

Laura is a marketing co-ordinator who prefers the finer things in life. "I quite like a Louis Vuitton handbag, Chanel earrings, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo," she says as she arrives at the mansion.  

Paige, 31, VIC 

Paige is a country girl turned model whose game plan to win Locky's heart is "to just be myself!" And we approve. 

Zoe-Clare, 23, QLD 

Zoe-Clare is a sales manager looking to start a new chapter and find someone who shares her family’s love of sport. "After my last relationship, I focused heavily on work and kind of shut out the opportunity to meet someone," she says.

Maddy, 25, TAS 

A teacher from Tasmania, Maddy knows exactly what she's looking for in a guy. "I like confidence in a man who knows what he wants in life. He would also have to like animals. I think you can tell a lot about a person if they like animals or not," she says.

Marlaina, 31, VIC 

Marlaina is a fundraising co-ordinator looking to meet her goofy soulmate. When it comes to relationships, her border collie Annie is the "official approver of dates". And we for one, love that idea.

PSA: Her Instagram is full of lots of dog photos too. 

Roxi, 29, QLD

Roxi is a qualified mechanical engineer who is halfway through a law degree. When asked how she would handle confrontation in the mansion, she said, "If I am not involved, I usually try to stay out of it. If someone has a go at me, I will always stand my ground. I don’t start arguments, I finish them."

Nadine, 30, VIC

Previously a criminologist, Nadine is an entrepreneur from Victoria who knows what it feels like to have her heart broken. "I describe it as though you’ve been hit by a train, your entire body hurts. And it’s proven that heartbreak is the same pain as being hit by a train."


Georgie, 32, TAS

Georgie is a project manager from Tasmania who has never been in love before. "I have loved others and I love with ease but have never truly been in love. I would love to experience that type of love in this lifetime. Hopefully, that happens with the Bachelor," she says.


Marg, 23, VIC

Marg is a car sales consultant from a large Greek family, who she says are putting pressure on her to find a man.


Clare, 26, WA

Clare is an admin assistant who grew up on a farm and is is looking for the kind of love her parents have.


Juliette, 34, NSW

Juliette is a stylist who has been single for 11 years and is looking for someone with a joyful, fun personality. 

Kristina, 24, WA

Kristina is a PhD scholar and a keen boxer whose ideal date would be on a boat "where we get to swim". And given the show's track record, we think she'll be in luck.


Charley, 25, QLD

Charley is a P.E. teacher and proud Indigenous woman from Queensland who is tired of her students telling her to get a boyfriend.


Bel, 25, NSW

Bel is a country girl and media buyer looking for a man who is looking for someone who is "supportive, kind and can see the humour in most situations".


Leilani, 27, NSW

Leilani is a partnerships manager who hasn't had much luck when it comes to online dating. 

"I've been on some great dates and some not-so-great, but for one reason or another it just hasn’t lasted long term. I hate that ghosting is a 'thing,' but I know I’ve done it without realising… Dating is hard!" Yep, we hear you.


Izzy, 29, QLD

29-year-old HR advisor, Izzy, wants to find someone who enjoys the outdoors and shares her love of travel.


Gemma, 28, QLD

A former beauty queen, Gemma has travelled to over 40 countries in the world and is looking for someone who is outgoing and motivated but also doesn’t take life all too seriously.

The new season of The Bachelor will premiere on Channel 10 at 7.30pm on Wednesday, August 12.

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